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The Ashdot company provides quality and professional tourism services in the field of extreme sports including: jeep tours, rappelling, ziplines and rock climbing. 

Our services are provided throughout the country except for the Eilat and Arava regions in the South. Our tours are located from the Ramon Crater and Dead Sea in the south to the Galilee and Golan in the north and are carried out by experienced and professional English-speaking guides.

We work with small families to large groups.
Our flagship product is the DAY TRIP where we meet or pickup a family with a 4x4 vehicle and leave for a day full of attractions and thrills based on our knowledge of the area. 
The DAY TRIP combines a jeep tour, short hiking trails and rappelling at an effort level that is tailored to each family. The cost of a DAY TRIP starts at around 2600 NIS (~$750) and can be more expensive depending on the distance covered or any additional activities or services (e.g. outdoor meals) requested.


This is a full, 8 hr day trip in Jerusalem led by Shlomi Illhindi. Shlomi will meet you at the Jaffa gate. The tour will start with at the seven arches vantage point on Mount Olives overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. We will walk down from the mountain for about 10 minutes through the ancient cemeteries and entrances following Jesus' path to the Temple Mount.
At the bottom of the mountain, we will visit the Grotto of Gethesmane (Grotto of the Betrayal) in Gethesmane Garden.
A 5-minute taxi ride will take us to the City of David where we will see a three-dimensional audio-visual. From there we will go down to the underground city through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, an ancient water channel to the Davidson Center from which we will enter the Old City and reach the Western Wall.
From there, a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels will take us to the beginning of the Via Dolorosa and, after all the must-see stops, we will reach the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We will continue through the Old City market and reach a rooftop view, one of the most beautiful sights that lies inside the Old City and from which we will see the Jaffa Gate where we will end our trip full circle.
The cost of the tour is $350 for a group of up to 25 people excluding entrance and taxi fees.


This is a full, 8 hour day trip led by Shlomi Ilhindi. Shlomi will meet you in the Jaffa Port Parking Lot. The tour will start at the ancient port of Jaffa mentioned in the Bible in the story of the Prophet Jonah. From there you will proceed through Jaffa alleyways to the Kdumim Square, which is at the summit of the city. In the square you will visit an underground museum in which there are archeological finds from ancient settlement layers of about 4000 years. Among the finds in the museum are Napoleon's cannonballs, 6th-century arrowheads and a Roman-era residence. We will leave for St. Peter's Church eternalizing St. Peter's dream further to his visit in Jaffa where we will discuss its unique architectural aspects. The church is built by a good vantage point of Tel-Aviv.  After viewing from above, we will proceed to the Jaffa Flea Market, one of the most colorful flea markets in the world. In the last decade the vibrant market has become a hub for young people from around the world. We will then take a taxi to Tel-Aviv's first Neve Tzedek neighborhood, founded in 1887. Implementation of a preservation plan has turned the neighborhood into a sought after residential area. We will end the day with a graffiti tour of the Florentine neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv.
The cost of the tour is $400 for a group of up to 25 people excluding entrance and taxi fees.


This is a full, 8-hour day trip led by Shlomi Ilhindi. The tour will start and end at the Jaffa Gate. Shlomi will describe the gate’s role in the modern era and the municipal line drawn by Moshe Dayan and Abdulla Atel. From Jaffa Gate, we will descend through the market stopping at a rooftop view that allows a view of the entire city till we reach the Western Wall and discuss its holiness. We will continue to the Jewish quarter where we will visit the Hurva Synagogue and hear how it has become a symbol of hope and rebirth. We will walk through the ancient Roman Cardo and hear why there is a mosque inside the Jewish Quarter. The Jerusalem Karaite community, one of the oldest in Jerusalem communities, prays in an underground synagogue. We will also visit their synagogue and undertand why. Through the Quarter's alleys we will reach the “Shelters” complex where the Jews of the Quarter were assembled in 1948 by the Jordanian Legion. We will exit the city walls through Zion Gate that is scarred by the attempts of the Jewish force to repel the Jordanian force as the Jews of the quarter were expelled through this gate. After a brief explanation we will continue to David's Tomb. We will then stop at another vantagepoint encompassing the Old City, Temple Mount, the Judean Mountains, Mount Olives, Mount Scopus and the beginning of the Judean Desert. We will continue to the Armenian Quarter and hear how they arrived in Jerusalem during the third century. We will conclude our trip at the Jaffa Gate. The cost of the tour is $350 for a group of up to 25 people excluding entrance fees.


This is a full, 8 hour day trip including hotel pickup and drop-off led by Shlomi Ilhindi. The first site we will visit is Apollonia, an ancient town built on the limstone cliff. Early settlement began in the 6th century BCE, but the most striking thing is the Crusader fortress where the Crusaders barricaded themselves a moment before believing the false promises of the Mamluk conqueror Baibars. The Crusaderss were slaughtered and their kingdom ceased to exist. From Apollonia we will continue to Caesarea, the mighty port city of King Herod the Great. We'll hear how a statesman's son manages to gain access into the Hasmonean royal family and the throne. We’ll continue to Haifa, a seaside city that sits on the point where Mount Carmel falls to the sea. After a stunning view of the bay, we will enter the Bahá'í World Center, where the Báb, the precursor of the faith is buried. The Bahá'í gardens, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are planted on 18 beautiful terraces that begin at the top of the mountain and conclude at the German colony of Haifa. After a taste of the Wadi Nisnas market we will continue to the highlight of the Israeli coastline, Acre. Not every city reveals the tip of a Crusader city when digging. Who was buried in the city and why? The answer will be told in the city's knights' halls. After quickly conquering the coast of the country, Napoleon was defeated in his attempt to conquer Acre. The walls, which have recently become a museum, will tell the story of Napoleon's siege and defeat. We will end the trip at the old port of the city from which we will head back to your hotel. The cost of the tour is $650 for a group of up to 7 people excluding entrance fees. If your group is larger, the fee will be tailored.

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