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ArtisTTable: A Photoessay of The Jaffa Retreat “Finding Expressionism” for Passover

Hi there!

I’d like to give you a taste of the artistic retreats provided by ArtisTTable, since they have agreed to provide my members with a discount to all their seven retreats in 2018. I joined the retreat in Jaffa, the second out of three planned in Israel. The next and last one in Israel is coming up on April 8-10th, 2018 in Kfar Hess. Two more are planned in France and two in Holland.

Tali Farchi and Royce Deans are the co-founders of ArtisTTable. Both are working artists who practice and teach in their respective studios in The Netherlands and USA. Both are multidisciplinary and have experience in multimedia displays exhibiting the connection between music, dancing and the visual arts. Their exhibitions span the USA, EU and Israel.

It’s symbolic that I am able to write this essay before Passover since Passover is a holiday revolving around a story of self-definition and liberty. In Judaism, the holiday is a chance to reflect on what is holding you back from further development and accomplishment and what you can do to set yourself free. Perhaps you will find some inspiration in this review.

Day 1

A day of bonding. Meet Tali and Royce.

Ooops. Sorry, other side…

Meet my fellow workshop participants from left to right starting from the top: Liran Mor the artist and interior designer, Tali, Royce, Sarah Zaidman the food stylist, Orna Dafna the clothes designer and on the bottom, Limor Amsalem the graphic designer and artist.

Last, but not least, meet Orly Dvir, the gracious owner of the gallery and studio that served as the home of this workshop.

Following a round of introductions and a short morning session led by Tali and Royce, we left the gallery for what was termed a ‘Drawing Safari’ that turned out to be a sketching tour.

Day 2

If day 1 focused on the body (lines and contour), day 2 focused on the soul. A series of exercises with music created a warm, inspirational atmosphere that brought the expressionistic painting out of us.

Day 3

The culmination of all that took place beforehand. Somehow, all of it came together. We finished our paintings and prepared for the grand finale, our workshop exhibition in Orly Dvir’s gallery.

Did you recognize my painting? I’m not an artist, but for the sake of the experience, painted a single painting, which I plan on hanging behind my desk. Here is my masterpiece. Ta Tam!

Now it’s your turn! If you’re interested, here is how to get the discount:

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  3. Get the discount code that you should enter on the registration form that is on ArtisTTable’s website. Their website is linked next to the code.

I wish you all a Happy and Liberating Passover!


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Disclaimer: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through these links, I will receive a small percentage of the profits at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Israel-Best-Trips.com

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