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  • Talma Gotteiner

Avalanche: Shining On

Hi there,

The hair care products of the Israeli brand "Avalanche" are the result of the development of 2 partners, Oren who worked for 12 years in the field of hair treatment in leading and international companies, and Itzik, responsible for marketing and sales.

Avalanche's hair products are designed for all types of hair and daily use. All products contain 3 proteins that help restore hair that has been dyed, smoothed, dried and tinted to a lighter color. The composition of proteins and their incorporation into products is an exclusive development of Avalanche, with the protein penetrating the hair and being incorporated rather than just coating it. The protein in the products helps maintain the natural connections of the hair and is does not come out when the hair is washed. These unique hair products enable professionals, hair stylists and barbers to do chemical treatments while maintaining healthy hair.

Avalanche's groundbreaking and best-selling flagship product is the purple series "Silver Containing Shampoo and Mask". The "Silver" products remove the orange tint from the blonde. Anyone who dyes her hair to blonde even if she was a natural blonde to begin with experiences the phenomenon that after two weeks the dyed color changes to faded yellow. The purple "Silver" shampoo and mask neutralize the orange color, increasing the blonde tint and brings the vitality back to the hair.

Avalanche: Shining On

Photo Credit: Cheli Friedman

The "Silver" products are designed for use by both men and women and are also excellent for faded hair making it shine and restoring its natural color. The mask complements the "Silver Shampoo, Nano Pigment" for blonde hair.

Avalanche's products are aimed at the general public as well as professional hair stylists in the leading hairdresser salons. Today the products are sold in Israel, Romania, Azerbaijan, Germany and the USA in New York and Miami.

Avalanche's products can be purchased at leading hairdressers salons and through the company's offices, telephone 03-6433335 with home delivery. Through the offices you can also be referred to the nearest hairdresser that applies to you.

You can also read a bit more about their products in my previous post about the launch of their summer launch event.

Best, Talma

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