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  • Talma Gotteiner

A Purchasing Group for Apartment Buyers and Renovators

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi there!

I am happy to tell you about an Israeli social-consumer enterprise that was established in 2011 by two partners, Shay Stoller and Dror Magal, who sought to assist young couples and other apartment buyers or renovators find a way to reduce costs. I thought it would interest at least some of my readers who may be planning a move to Israel.

Sogrim Hakol LaDira Shay Stoller and Dror Magal

By creating this social-consumer purchasing group, in Hebrew called ‘Sogrim Hakol LaDira’ (i.e. ‘Everything for the Home’), they were able to receive discounts from a variety of home service suppliers for the group members. Since the establishment of the project more than 400 group buying events for apartment buyers/renovators have been held.

Sogrim Hakol LaDira Event

Every year thousands of buyers of new and renovated apartments are assisted by the group ‘Sogrim Hakol LaDira’ during their transition to their new apartment or renovation.

Sogrim Hakol LaDira Couple

The activity of the group is divided into a number of areas.

Group Purchasing Events for Apartment Buyers and Renovators

Members of the group are invited to purchase from stores or chains with the partners have reached an agreement regarding the special and exclusive discount to the group. Among the products sold in the framework of events that take place are: electrical appliances, bedroom and living room furniture, closets, light fixtures, garden furniture and grills etc. Events take place both on a small scale about ten times a month and on a large scale about three times a year. The exhibition complex that I photographed in Arena Mall Herzeliya was one of the large events that took place recently.

Sogrim Hakol LaDira Event


Sogrim Hakol LaDira

A Database of Home Professional Workers

Carefully chosen professionals also provide discounts to the group members. Initially, they are examined by the partners before presenting their offerings, but the group members then provide feedback on the quality of their service so that the group database is ranked, recommended and scored continuously.

Professionals from all aspects of home renovation are included such as: interior designers, dry wall installers, air conditioning professionals, locksmiths, curtain suppliers, carpenters, pergola installers, movers, cleaners, gardeners, pest controllers, alarm system professionals and more.

Below, Dror and Shai are standing with Gil Azoulay from ‘Traklin Hashmal’ a leading electrical appliance supplier.

Sogrim Hakol LaDira with Gil Azoulay Traklin Hashmal


The group has generated a new standard for apartment renovation. Under ‘Sogrim Hakol LaDira’ operates a renovation company that accompanies group members from the initial decision till completion of the renovation. The process includes generation of a bill of quantities, a tour of the site, the actual renovation, which includes an inspector and contractors of ‘Sogrim Hakol LaDira’, in order to provide a professional renovation within an agreed timeline. The fact that you can purchase a full renovation package, at a high quality standard, in advance from one supplier is a new concept.

Sogrim Hakol LaDira

Lectures and Content Events

‘Sogrim Hakol LaDira’ holds lectures in a variety of fields in order to enrich the knowledge of the members of the group and provide them with a toolbox for making better decisions for them and their home.

Lecture topics include: interior design, kitchen accessories, mortgage structure, color palettes etc.

The group invests in quality content and guides that assist group members in their planned transition or renovation.

‘Sogrim Hakol LaDira’ also has a personal service center for group members and business partners alike in order to facilitate the provision of services to the group members.

Sogrim Hakol LaDira, Shay Stoller and Dror Magal

If you are interested in joining the group, feel free to contact one of the two partners:

Dror: or +972-54-5423904,

Shay: or +972-54-4646119



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