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  • Talma Gotteiner

Ahava Ktana: Spreading Joy

Hi there!

In the spirit of the High Holidays and the start of a new cycle of the Jewish year, the Israeli studio "Ahava Ktana" (i.e. "Little Love") is offering to delight you and your loved ones with special products inscribed with a personal, supportive and loving statement that will accompany your loved ones on any day of the year. "Ahava Ktana"specializes in designing and manufacturing unique personalized gifts that are both fun to give and fun to receive! "Ahava Ktana" wishes you a new year with a lot of health, love and a good livelihood.

Ahava Ktana: Spreading Joy
Credit: Ayala Gerafin, Ahava Ktana Studio

Each product is offered in a variety of charming and original themes including: a beach, a lighthouse, outer space, flowers and more. On each product you can add a name and an inspirational sentence in either Hebrew or English, such as:

  • Every day is a new opportunity

  • 365 magical days

  • Smells like home

  • Not every day is good, but every day there is something good

  • Sometimes the little things fill the most space in the heart

  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it

  • Everything is possible - in your own way ...

  • Of all the loves to dream, I asked for you

  • Love is in the air

  • All you need is love

Ahava Ktana: Spreading Joy
Credit: Ayala Gerafin, Ahava Ktana Studio

The items include:

  • A Weekly Diary: A spiral diary for 2020-2021. Dimensions: 17 * 24 cm. Offered in hard or soft cover. Price: 37- 47 NIS (depending on the type of cover).

  • A Birthday and Anniversary Sign: An original product, the sign is made of wood, has names and dates of birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. The sign is divided into the months of the year (according to the Hebrew or foreign calendar, as you choose), with a chain of pendants of the dates celebrated in each month. Over time, more pendants with names and dates can be added to the chain. The pendants are offered in heart and circle shapes. Dimensions of the sign - 37 * 10 cm. Price: A sign with 30 printed pendants: 280 NIS; A sign with 30 blank pendants: 169 NIS.

  • A Scented candle: A candle with a pleasant aroma encased by a tin can. Dimensions: 9 * 8.5 cm. Price: 68 NIS (large candle), 38 NIS (small candle).

  • A Personal Notebook: A spiral notebook with a personalized cover, 70 lined pages, size A5. Hardcover or softcover. Price: 28 - 35 NIS (depending on the type of cover).

  • A Mouse Pad: High quality and comfortable to work with. Size 21 * 18 cm. Price: 29 NIS.

  • A Mezuzah Case: Designed as a 15 cm long clear glass test tube, with a cork that is tightly sealed to protect the parchment and is adorned by a wooden pendant with the family name printed on it. Dimensions: 4 * 20.5 cm. Extremely strong double-sided adhesive. Price: 58 NIS.


All products are easily purchased through the studio's Hebrew website and can be sent directly to your or the receiver's home.

Shana Tova!


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