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  • Talma Gotteiner

Avalanche: Launching Summer 2019 with Leading Hair Designers Erez and David

Hi there,

Avalanche, an Israeli hair product brand launched its unique and innovative hair product collection for the summer of 2019 in a special event located at the hair salon of leading hair designers David and Erez in Rishon LeZion.

Avalanche's product range is designed for hairdressers and hair professionals who strive to protect the hair of the customers as completely as possible while maintining the effects of various chemical processes such as coloring, clarification, etc.

I had been growing my hair for a while now in an attempt to prepare it for a hair straightening treatment and it had lost its bounce while not yet being straight.

The innovative array of products is a result of extensive research and development designed to protect the hair during chemical operations. The products protect healthy hair during the various chemical treatments while enabling restoration of damaged hair from previous treatments, resulting in a healthier, more vibrant, shiny and radiant head of hair.

Avalanche Hair Products

The Before Photo - Clockwise from top left: Itzik Habi, Avalanche, Oren Netach, Avalanche Erez Aharoni and David Chaim Mizrachi hair professionals before treatment.

Hair designers, Erez and David, naturally relate to the concept of ​​protecting the hair of their customers and have been accompanying and using the Avalanche products over the past few years and were natural partners for collaboration on this new campaign.

The significant advantage of Avalanche's range of products is the ability to create a protective layer even in the case of very light shades and during treatments that are considered aggressive for the hair in order to provide a comprehensive solution that enables hair stylists to face the difficult challenges created by chemical treatments and harsh weather.

Avalanche Hair Products

Avalanche's product range change enables hair styling professionals to stop avoiding certain hair types (those that have not been able to undergo aggressive treatments) and to provide treatment to all customers. If professional hair stylists, such as Erez and David, have been forced in the past to refuse to bleach hair, now they are able to increase the circle of customers and the level of service that they provide.

Avalanche is not only making a difference in hairdressing salons and beauty salons, but also aspiring to provide clients with the perfect treatment solution at home, so they have launched quality products for continued home care after initial treatment at the barbershop and are an integral part of the revolutionary array.

Avalanche Hair Products

The After Photo: With Liav Revivo from David and Erez's salon

The home use kit includes two substances, based on Betaine moisturizers, vitamins, nutrients and protection, along with a protein that penetrates the cortex layer, balances its natural acidity and protects the hair while shampooing.

The use of Avalanche as part of the grooming routine is a real upgrade and makes hair healthy, soft and radiant. The company strives for excellence in the field of hair and beauty and therefore all the products are approved by the Ministry of Health, meet the strictest standards, are safe to use and offer a new and improved solution for the hair care market.

Contact Details

For more details on the products: Avalanche phone: 03-6433335, Business page

To try out the products: Erez and David Hair Salon, 14 Ehad Ha'am St., Rishon LeZion Phone: 03-9501188, Business page Best, Talma

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