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  • Talma Gotteiner

Bat Yam Museum of Art: "True Tales"

Hi there,

Again, due to the coronavirus isolation, I'm sharing another exhibition intended for the whole family that is in Hebrew for the children. In Hebrew it is called "Agadot Amitiyot" (i.e. "True Tales").

The exhibition focuses on five cultural heroes: the great composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the researcher and founder of the theory of evolution Charles Darwin, the enlightened and influential leader - Christina Queen of Sweden who was crowned at the age of almost six, Fatima bint Muhammad al-Fihri from Morocco, who founded the first university in history and Yaakov Epstein, a local celebrity, one of the most important public sculptors in Israel. Their stories were written for children by the author Tom Baikin-O'hayon in a series of books called "True Tales." In the exhibition, the illustrations of the heroes emerge from the pages of the book, disengage from the stories and have an independent life.

Bat Yam Museum of Art: "True Tales"
Credit: An animated digital illustration by Adva Rodan of Fatima bint Muhammad al-Fihri

The works on display were created by five illustrators - Idan Barzilay, Chen Lev, Lihi Weiss, Ben Kedem and Adva Rodan, who work in various techniques, some using handicrafts and others the computer, some doing painting and others gluing, drawing and sculpting. The exhibition expands the essence of the illustrations beyond the confines of a page.

This is both an experiential and educational exhibition that provides children with tools to decipher the works, learn about the various techniques developed by the illustrators and be exposed to the creative process. The children are invited to observe the works and discover how the choice of lines, colors and materials convey the story of unique and influential cultural heroes.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the museum, the independent book publisher Fennec Publishing, and Tom Baikin-O’hayon, the creator of the book series and podcast "True Legends".

During the month of August every Thursday at five in the afternoon and on Monday mornings - there will be tours and creative workshops inspired by the works in the exhibition.

For details in Hebrew and registration to all the tours, please refer to the Museum's Website here.

Have a Great Weekend!


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