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  • Talma Gotteiner

David Tower Hotel Netanya: A City Spa Day to Remember

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you some information on a boutique hotel in which I spent a pampering spa day with some girlfriends.

The boutique hotel DAVID TOWER is a city spa hotel belonging to the luxury brand By Sofitel MGallery of the international Accor hotel chain. Danny Ronen, CEO extends his welcome to you.

Danny Ronen, CEO, David Tower Hotel, Netanya

The DAVID TOWER hotel was established two years ago and is located along the first line of buildings bordering on Netanya beach. It's in the heart of Netanya, near Independence Square and just 500 meters away from the colorful Netanya market.

Just so you know, Independece square is the first interactive square in Israel with light and water shows, an ecological fish pond, children's games embedded throughout, artists' stands, street performers, and more. The Netanya market on the other hand is considered one of the most beautiful and colorful markets in Israel with fresh food stalls, clothing stores, authentic dishes and spices and several restaurants.

As with all Sofitel MGallery hotels, the design is based on a storyline. In this case, the love story of Sultan Daoud Pasha and his choice of heart were the source of inspiration for the DAVID TOWER, leading to a luxurious design of marble and gold creating an oppulent atmosphere that runs from the lobby through the dining room, elevators, bedrooms and throughout. The overall effect is a refined place of refuge and relaxation from everyday life.

David Tower Hotel, Netanya

Recently, the ACCOR Hotel DAVID TOWER of the MGallery by Sofitel brand has been awarded the 2019 Excellence Award by Tripadvisor, the world's largest and most exclusive tourist website.

The DAVID TOWER's 75 rooms and suites are designed in an eclectic style that combines east and west, and contain all the accessories and amenities of ACCOR International's high standards. The result is a perfect hospitality experience that combines business and pampering relaxation. Most of the hotel's rooms overlook the sea and since the hotel supports the concept of wellbeing, the beds include the unique 7-inch plume mattress brand, My Bed by Sofitel by Accor International.

David Tower Hotel, Netanya

The 1,000 square meter VIA MARIS Spa, provides a perfect solution for all aspects of the spa world. Its treatment rooms are equipped with exclusive NILO electric beds with a heated mattress, a double treatment suite with a Jacuzzi and an oil bath, a private sauna, a Turkish steam bath, a Finnish sauna, a gym fully fitted with the most advanced fitness equipment by TECHNO GYM and accompanied by a certified gym instructor, a heated indoor swimming pool and a resting area in a traditional style as befiting of sultans and with a breathtaking panoramic view of Netanya's beach.

The prestigious cosmetics company LIV UNIQUE was chosen to provide the clients with luxurious and effective facials, and to provide the VIA MARIS spa with an entire line of products with special seaside aromas. The products are based on high-quality components such as Shea butter complimented by macadamia nut oil known for its healing properties, salt peels from natural sea salt spray, reflexology cream and more.

For body and hair treatments, MOROCCAN OIL was chosen as it is internationally known for its Argan oil infused products that are essential for body skin and hair restoration. In recent years, Moroccan Oil has launched a series of body care products abroad. The Via Maris Spa was the first spa in Israel to collaborate with the company and build a unique treatment series based on the same products that the customer can purchase at the end of treatment.

David Tower Hotel, Netanya

The impressive breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant includes a variety of fresh salads as well as anti-pasti, roasted potatoes, hard and soft boutique cheeses, a variety of smoked fish, a hot stand with omelettes, pastas, pancakes etc., a health bar with yogurt, granola, dried fruits and halva from quality boutiques, freshly baked sourbreads and cakes, natural juices and excellent coffee with several gluten-free and vegan options. Most importantly, the breakfast can be purchased separately from accomodation.

David Tower Hotel, Netanya

This spa and hotel offer a variety of combined packages that are perfect for private events, fun days and treatment of external customers.

There even is a two-week program for people who want to change their lifestyle and receive guidance for a healthier one. The program is customized per client who is accompanied by a naturopath, a personal fitness trainer and a personal therapist and includes accomodation.

I've linked the contact details throughout, but in case you missed it: DAVID TOWER HOTEL

Go have fun with your girlfriends. I highly recommend it!

Best, Talma

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