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  • Talma Gotteiner

Farewell 2020: Mishkenot Sha'ananim 'In Search of Lost Time'

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Hi there!

This New Year's post is for my bilingual readers. The cultural institution Mishkenot Sha'ananim, has organized a happy farewell to the year 2020 by holding a 48-hour celebration on Facebook summing up many of the craziest moments. The events include a last supper held by Noa Menhaim and Israel Aharoni, a talk by Agi Mishol and Ivri Lider on their coming out of quarantine, a discussion with Maya Kosover and Shai Tsabari telling about performances in an empty hall, a visit to the metaphorical fashion runway between the living room and kitchen, and a glimpse of the changing dating scene.

Viewing is FREE OF CHARGE. No registration is required. Links for viewing will appear near the time of the event.

Festival organizer: Sarai Shavit

Supported by the Bracha Foundation

WHEN and WHERE: Dec 29-30, 2020 between 19:00-22:00 on Facebook

Farewell 2020: Mishkenot Sha'ananim 'In Search of Lost Time'
Credits Clockwise from top left: Dorin Frankfurt by Eric Sultan, Ivri Lider by Ronen Akerman, Agi Mishol by Pony Brzezinski and Israel Aharoni by Gabriel Baharlia


TUESDAY | 29/12/20

19:00–19:30 The Last Supper: Noa Menhaim in Conversation with Israel Aharoni

Noa Menhaim and Israel Aharoni review unforgettable sumptuous meals in the literature and cinema while holding a rich conversation at the kitchen table. Together they will discover what the word “food” represents from a cultural point of view, and what its place is in the cooking reality of 2020.

20:30–21:00 The Truth beneath the Mask: An Evening of Storytelling

A unique storytelling event at which artists and intellectuals will reveal to the audience the craziest, most challenging, weird, and amusing stories of what happened to them (really!) in the domestic space in 2020. Featuring author and lecturer Inbar Amir, authors Tal Badihi and Ido Geffen, and actress Tamar Amit-Yosef. Organized by Inbar Amir.

21:30–22:00 Love Hurts: What Did the Coronavirus Do to the TV Screen? Gili Izikovich in Conversation with Dan Friedlander

Cultural journalist Gili Izikovich (Haaretz) and psychologist Dan Friedlander embark together on a journey through television shows in 2020, from 'Normal People' through 'Love Life' to 'Married at First Sight'. Together they will investigate how the pandemic has affected the TV screen and the world of dating. The main question is are we all watching reality TV because we really need a happy ending?

WEDNESDAY | 30/12/20

19:00–19:30 Back Window: Master Class with Agi Mishol and Ivri Lider

Poet Agi Mishol and singer-songwriter Ivri Lider look together at images and songs created during the pandemic, from stills that capture the moving moments of isolation through breathtaking views within a thousand-meter range, to songs inspired by change and distancing.

20:30–21:00 The Wonders of Fashion: Shahar Atwan in Conversation with Dorin Frankfurt, Maya Bash, and Michal Yersansh Mengistu

Fashion researcher Shahar Atwan visits the studios of designers Dorin Frankfurt, Maya Bash, and Michal Yersansh Mengistu and discovers what 2020 has done to our wardrobes and how the path from the kitchen to the living room has become a metaphorical fashion runway.

21:30–22:00 We Returned to Natural Size: Shai Tsabari meets Maya Kosover for a Conversation and an Intimate Performance

Radio personality and podcaster Maya Kosover in a conversation and intimate performance with singer and artist Shai Tsabari, about a work written in the days of the coronavirus pandemic, about garden performances and interpersonal encounters, about new songs on the way and a life story hidden behind one of them. Guitar: Yogev Glossman

Happy New Year!


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