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  • Talma Gotteiner

GIGI STUDIOS: Launching Trendy Glasses in Israel

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

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Many would agree that the beginning of winter in Israel, the stronghold of the sun and the beaches, is merely a calendar recommendation. In line with this perception, Gigi Studios' outlook for the winter of 2019 - 2020 is warm and fashionable. Their sunglasses are not just a functional item, but are designed to, complete your outfit by creating trendy, hard-to-ignore look.

On November 21, 2019 GIGI STUDIOS International launched its sunglasses line at the offices of Duke Optics, the official importer for Israel, an opportunity for optics store owners to keep up with the brand's mood and update their collection. In Israel, sunglasses are a must, and people do not neglect investing in the fashionable sunglasses market, especially when it comes to unique and high-quality brands.

GIGI STUDIOS: Launching Trendy Glasses in Israel
Right to Left: Erez Cohen, Owner of Duke Optics, Patricia Ramo, CEO Gigi Barcelona, moderator and models

GIGI STUDIOS's sunglasses line is inspired by vibrant and urban colors and features sunglasses with delicate frames and lenses in warm colors: brown, red, purple, gray and sunset orange. In addition, there are additional designs of "Pilot Goggles" frames and a LAB Line. All combine chic with uncompromising comfort to ensure a presence that is hard to ignore.

The line of prescription glasses includes both "half frame" and whole frames. The designs include wild mottled frames alongside more subdued frames that are based on the flow of frame lines and create a particularly chic look. Also, if you're a vintage lover, you'll find cat-eye frames in cheerful 1950s shades ranging from classic white to bold red.

GIGI STUDIOS: Launching Trendy Glasses in Israel
Above: With Patricia Remo, CEO GIGI STUDIOS

The combination of fashion, comfort and quality has characterized GIGI STUDIOS for more than 50 years and over time has been its creed. The company, run by 26-year-old Patricia Ramo, was established in 1962 at her grandfather's frame factory. Today, GIGI STUDIOS sells sunglasses and frames in 45 countries around the world standing the test of time and fashion changes over the years, while maintaining its unique voice in the fashion world that sharpened its position in the international market. Ramo, who studied fashion in London, dictated the renewed nature of the company leaving her mark by making it a significant international company, one of the most recognized and successful chains in the world whose products are sought after by many celebrities.

GIGI STUDIOS: Launching Trendy Glasses in Israel
Above: With Shiye Feigenboym from the entertaining Goalstar TV Show

Duke Optics, one of the country's leading import of eyewear and eyewear frames whose company vision is fashionable, comfort and prestige, has launched the GIGI STUDIOS collection in the company's offices, in the presence of various journalists and celebrities, following an eight-day exhibition in which a variety of brands that Duke Optics imports were showcased.

The collection is available at select stores.



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