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GUESS: Launching its Flagship Store in the TLV Fashion Mall

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The iconic GUESS brand first opened a flagship store at the TLV fashion mall in Tel Aviv bringing to Israel its bold and feminine style. It is represented by Jennifer Lopez in recent seasons who embodies the brand's values of female empowerment and modern style.

In the early 1990s, it was supermodel Claudia Schiffer, whose memorable campaigns in a black lace front and GUESS jeans created a buzz. Schiffer, as the brand's presenter, became a model of beauty for other young women and the fashion items that she wore in her commercials were sold out from the stores. Some, such as the animal printed fur coat, lace-up bras and of course the jeans whether worn out, 3-zip Marilyn or slim-fitting were all some immediately sold out items. Just as Schiffer and GUESS became inseparable at the time, so did those fashion items, become identified with the brand's style and remain in the collections to this day, in updated versions every season.

GUESS: Launching its Flagship Store in the TLV Fashion Mall
Group photo of GUESS models at the launch

The American Life Style brand GUESS was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, as a Danish brand. The French-born brothers brought European influences to their design and advertising campaigns and transformed the workwear - casual and everyday American jeans - into a desirable fashion item. Bloomingdales, NY, was the first luxury department store to order 24 pairs of brand jeans and were hysterically sold out within hours and the rest of course is history.

In recent years, GUESS brand items have come to Israel in a wholesale and partial manner only and not under the same roof. Now, for the first time, Global Brand Gallery, who serves as a distributor of international fashion brands in Israel, has decided to bring the brand's collections from all the lines and unite them under one exclusive flagship store. The store at the TLV fashion mall in Tel Aviv was designed, according to the latest concept of all the global GUESS stores by an Italian architectural firm. Following this launch, more brand stores are expected to be opened in malls across the country.

GUESS: Launching its Flagship Store in the TLV Fashion Mall
Clockwise from top left: ladies line, men's line, children's line and accessories

Today, GUESS is a huge public company that incorporates under the brand name clothing lines for women, men and children including a range of denim wear, a shoe line and a huge line of accessories including bags, watches, glasses and more. The brand is globally spread across 100 countries around the world in 1,174 brand stores and 584 franchised stores, or in prestigious department stores across the US, Asia and Europe.

GUESS and Sustainable Fashion

The global GUESS company has in recent years placed special emphasis on ecological commitment to sustainable fashion. The brand's global campaign is to enable return of old jeans to the stores. These are then shredded in the company's factories and re-stitched as recycled jeans. Also, the stonewashed jeans undergo less washing than before to reduce pollution. In addition, the company has developed an innovative fiber made entirely from recycled bottles using Thermore technology, which is not only lightweight and especially warm, but does not contain micro-fibers that are the main cause of ocean pollution. The material is durable and easy to handle and retains its shape perfectly even after multiple rinses, a feature that makes it environmentally friendly. The new fiber fabric will be used by the GUESS brand starting from its summer and winter 2020 collections for children's clothing, women's, men's and Demin collections, swimwear and lingerie.

GUESS: Launching its Flagship Store in the TLV Fashion Mall
The Guess Launch in TLV Fashion Mall

Winter Collection 2019

The Women's Collection

The most prominent items in the brand's winter collection are those that are of course identified with the familiar style: urban, trendy, feminine and glamorous. Soft fur coats in smoky pink, deep blue, camel and leopard pattern designs are trendy items and at the same time have a timeless quality that will continue with us for the next winter. Small biker-like leather jackets in blue, black and snake-patterned, over short and tight leather dresses, mini-length and knee-length feminine dresses with yellowish-sand colored prints, glossy vinyl trousers and mini leather skirts adorned with studs and with an asymmetrical finish. All are statement items that could star in a female wardrobe, even next season.

Alongside the feminine collection items, is a matching and spectacular accessory collection that includes studed belts and sunglasses, handbags, scarves, shoes and boots, many with animal prints or woven prints, and are a perfect match for the dress collection.

The Denim line for women: As a brand that started out as a denim brand and is associated with it to this day, its denim collection is very broad and diverse. Much emphasis is placed on female denim items such as tailored jeans jackets, skinny pants with small pearl embellishments throughout, body-fit overalls and flattering miniskirts from denim.

Another GUESS brand is its lingerie collection with a selection of casual wear as well as lace bodysuits suitable for evening wear.

GUESS: Launching its Flagship Store in the TLV Fashion Mall
With friends at the GUESS launch

The Men's Collection

The men's collection features trendy and cool denim items: jeans, jackets and button-down shirts in both light and dark washes. The men's line has a military influence with colors of olive green and navy blue, bomber jackets and artificial leather jackets paired with T-shirts with the brand logo that has been the centerpiece of the season. The cold season also brings with it quite a number of jackets and turtle necks. Men also have a large denim collection that includes jackets and jeans with varying degrees of rinsing and tearing.

The Children's Collection

The GUESS children's collection includes a wide range of sizes from age 0-16! As with the adults, the kids' collection is influenced by contemporary trends and includes brightly colored items: lots of red, blue, pink and yellow, hoodies and logo items. The items for girls include: beautifully sweet fur coats and several mini items similar to the women's collection. Here, too, there is a wide denim collection, matching accessories and lots of style.

Spring 2020 collection

On the occasion of the launch of the flagship store in the TLV mall and for the upcoming new civic year, the first few items from the Spring / Summer 2020 collection were presented to the media who were invited for the occassion.

The upcoming collection will continues the line of leather, vinyl fabrics and shiny, sparkly fabrics (sparkling in matte and non-glittery), lots of footer items with a stylish logo, combined with glittering stones embellishing the logo, leather skirts, thin tight knitted dresses, long silk skirts with matching shirts. The colors are a range of pastels such as: mint, lilac, light pink, gray and fuchsia as well sa tie dye items. In the denim collection there will be shorts and lightweight denim overalls suitable for the hot season, including pastel colored denim items that will stand out next season and of course the summer swimwear line.

Global Brands Gallery

Global Brands Gallery is a privately owned international fashion company. Today, Global Brands Gallery serves as an exclusive distributor of international fashion brands in Israel. Its clients include, among others, the American fashion brand, Sam Edelman, Circus (a subsidiary of Sam Edelman), footwear brand Beaton and Celine Dion.

Price Range

Women 149.90-1,349.90 NIS

Men 149.90-949.90 NIS

Children 89.90-549.90 NIS


GUESS Gindi TLV Mall (Entrance Floor), 96 Hashmonaim Street, Tel Aviv

Phone: 073-3904999



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