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  • Talma Gotteiner

Half Marathon Beaujolais 2021: On Your Marks - Get Set - Cheers!

Hi there,

Forget everything you know about racing. The half marathon beaujolais is run by a different set of standards. There is no competition, no time measurement, no goals and records. The whole purpose is to have fun!

The 2nd Beaujolais Israel race, a collaboration of Israel Marathon, the Gezer Regional Council, Barkan Winery and the entire region is characterized by a festive, colorful and humorous atmosphere as the original French version.

The race closes the events of the 'Experience in the Vineyard' festival. The Beaujolais Israel race is a little earlier than its traditional date in France, where the youngest and most popular wines are launched, in a three-part race: a half marathon - 21 km, 13 km and 7 km.

Half Marathon Beaujolais 2021: On Your Marks - Get Set - Cheers!
Credit: Sportsphotography courtesy of Marathon Israel

WHEN: Friday, Oct 22nd, 2021

The runners in the 'Beaujolais Israel' race are invited to arrive in a variety of costumes and join the half marathon that runs in a circular route. The route opens and ends at Barkan Winery in Hulda and passes between refreshment stations that offer alongside water, tastings from the regional wines where you can party to the music. The atmosphere skyrockets with each passing kilometer. The route itself passes through vineyards in the vast areas of the Gezer Regional Council reminding runners that you can get a feel of the overseas version right here close to home.

Gezer Regional Council is located in the center of the country and extends between Rehovot in the west, Maccabim Reut in the east, Ness Ziona in the north and Gedera in the south. The proximity of the council geographically allows travelers to plan a spontaneous visit for several hours to several days. Discover a wine country within easy reach, a 30-minute drive from the core cities. The beautiful region is immersed in vineyards, wheat fields and olive groves and has numerous wineries, dairies, oil mills, markets, restaurants and art galleries that you can visit. The council wineries that are taking part in the race include: Bravdo, Segal, Bin Nun, Herzberg, Elul, Bazak, Brown and Avner.

Ofer Padan, founder and CEO of Marathon Israel: "The Beaujolais Half Marathon Israel is launching for the second time, it is an event with its own special character, a colorful and fun experience for each participant, together with the Beaujolais France Marathon, Gezer Regional Council and Barkan Winery. We have put together a day of running and sports among the landscapes of the country combined with the pleasurable wineries and fine wine of our country. I am glad that the event managed to position and brand itself as a unique and international event that even its "brother", Beaujolais France was surprised by the intensity and uniqueness of the event that is so similar to it ".

The head of the Gezer Regional Council, Rotem Yadlin, invites the general public to run among the vineyards in the Gezer Regional Council: "We are proud to host the Israeli Beaujolais Race for the second time, initiated by the Israel Marathon. "Gezer Regional Council has invested in the last two and a half years in the development of sports and wine tourism and we invite everyone to come and enjoy a unique experience in Israeli tourism. We are waiting to run with you."

Nir Gal, Deputy CEO of Barkan Winery and Segal: "Barkan Winery is proud to take part in the Beaujolais race for the second year in a row and to continue the tradition of celebrations. I invite the public to come and participate in an extraordinary experience, to visit our magnificent visitor center and enjoy the variety of fine wines from Barkan Wineries that will be waiting for you at the stopping points and the winery. "


You can register for the event here.

Off you go!


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