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  • Talma Gotteiner

Hora Jerusalem Dance Company Presenting "Time / Space"

Hi there,

I'm happy to share a unique performance of the Hora Jerusalem Dance Company.

Like the Hora dance, Hora Jerusalem is an Israeli Jerusalem-rooted brand, representing Israeli dance around the world from 1961 onwards.

The festive premiere show "Time / Space" connects the past, present, and future of Israel and Jerusalem bringing the best of each. The show will take you to different dates in the calendar and to different places in Jerusalem, Israel, and around the world accompanied by the sounds of a unique soundtrack, carefully selected and including major Israeli musicians: Matti Caspi, Idan Raichel, Avihu Medina, Shlomo Artzi and more.

"Time / Space"

Artistic Director : Harel Yitzhaki

WHEN: Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at 20:30

WHERE: Jerusalem Theater, Sherover Hall, 20 Marcus St. Jerusalem

Hora Jerusalem Dance Company Presenting "Time / Space"
Credit: Photographer Tomer Halperin, Choreographer Shai Gottesman

Alongside the company's longstanding works, which folklore choreographers around the globe have adopted, the renewed artistic team of the Hora Jerusalem Dance Company constantly makes sure to stage works that seek to interpret Israeli dance from a different angle.

"We honor the educational and cultural tradition of over 60 years of Hora Jerusalem, referring to Israel's 75th anniversary with a festive performance. In the show, we combine fine Israeli folklore with up-to-date materials, so that it is aimed at a diverse audience, nostalgia lovers and lovers of contemporary and modern creativity and dance so that young dancers from the TikTok and Instagram generations will also be exposed to Israeli dance culture and enjoy its richness. We definitely thought of everyone," says CEO Talia Hakkinen Rose.

The show includes a rich repertoire of the best works of Hora Jerusalem.

Among the longstanding works that will be presented are pieces of the late Jonathan Karmon, Shai Gottesman, Shuki Hoffman, the late Shlomo Haziz, Hagit Zargari, Eli Cohen, and Harel Yitzhaki.

Among the contemporary dances are new works by Daniel Ben Hamo-Deray, Harel Itzhaki, Liron Azoulay, and Liron Kuechler.

Since its establishment in 1961, hundreds and thousands of dancers have passed through Hora Jerusalem. Some of them constitute the dance infrastructure in Israel today, to name just a few: Sharon Eyal (Batsheva, LEV), Adi Zlatin (Gaga method), Hofesh Shechter, Or Schraiber (international choreographers), Elad Schechter (dancer and choreographer), dancers Nitzan Ressler (Sharon Eyal) and Or Danon (The Cameri Theater).

Our talented graduates have become famous in other fields as well. Actress Niv Sultan ("Tehran"), Israel Hayom culture editor Ido Sarim, YouTuber and influencer Yulia Spector, and more.


To obtain tickets at 69 NIS use this link.



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