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  • Talma Gotteiner

Leonardo Cosmetics: Launching Balm Springs

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Hi there,

Leonardo Cosmetics is currently launching a revolutionary new product that will join a wide range of products that the company has developed and marketed in the cosmetics market. The revolutionary water mask "BALM SPRINGS" harnesses the power of water skin care.

Leonardo Cosmetics: Launching Balm Springs
Credit: The BALM SPRINGS mask and CARBONATOR soap presented by Shirley Buganim. Photos by Shay Yehezkel

Leonardo Cosmetics is a well-established Israeli company in the field of professional cosmetic treatment developing both dermatological instruments and products for a variety of medical and cosmetic uses.

The company has developed several solutions for the professional cosmetic community. Chronologically, in recent years the company has developed the Hyper Pulse ALT device for painless hair removal in just 18 minutes, has launched high quality creams for women, has launched the "Leo Touch" cosmetics app that assists cometicians in tracking and treating their patients, has launched an an innovative cosmetic series for men and is now again bringing to the market their latest innovation, the "BALM SPRINGS" water mask.

Leonardo Cosmetics' water mask, "BALM SPRINGS" has a new gel formula developed exclusively by the company's labs, and is unique in its ability to retain and impart moisture and anti-oxidants to the skin.

The mask has a delicate, soothing gel texture. Its effect on the facial skin is rapid and based on dual activity. In the first stage, the oil phase of the formula introduces argan, jojoba and marula oils, hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants into the skin. In the second stage, the aqueous-phase releases of a surge of water that causes a refreshing replenishment of moisture to the skin.

The new campaign of the "BALM SPRINGS" series will be led by Israeli supermodel Shirley Bouganim. Shirley, is the perfect representative to be the face of Leonardo Cosmetics' new water mask as an example and proof that proper and focused treatment yields good results.

In the photo, the mask is shown together with a charcoal based soap, the "CARBONATOR" that is recommended for use before the mask for oily skin. The unique formula of the soap aside from activated charcoal includes hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, sugars and jojoba oil gives it a deep cleansing effect making it especially suitable for problem skin.

You can purchase them online as linked above.



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