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  • Talma Gotteiner

Love from the Shuk: Market Goodies by Delivery

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hi there,

The coronavirus restrictions have led to new entreprenurial solutions that bring otherwise inaccessible products to your door.

One such solution is a service of collecting and shipping of semi-personalized baskets of fine foods from Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. In Hebrew, market is called 'Shuk' (pronounced 'Shook'), hence the name 'Love Shuk'.

The initiator of this genius solution is Naama Livnat, an educational couselor who specilized in treatment of eating behaviors and body image. Normally, she works with people who have emotional issues with food in order to help them regain a positive association between eating and their feelings. Also, in regular times she guides a family friendly tour of the market that she has developed for induction of a warm family meal experience.

Now, during the pandemic, she is offering a new service that brings home the delicacies and specialties of the renowned Jerusalem market. The new service supports her vision of spreading the joy and care that good food conveys to loved ones while supporting her longtime associates, the small businesses that have been impacted severely by the lockdowns and restrictions.


Her various baskets are full of goodies and are suitable for various occasions and settings. These include:

  • The classic basket - a variety of 13 unique boutique products including baked goods, spreads, spices, sweets and savories of the best quality. To my mind, this basket is the best representative basket of Israel's delicacies.

  • The beer basket - a fun product indeed! This basket contains six types of beers alongside five types of munchies.

  • The natural basket - a basket of fresh produce. This basket is also suitable for entertaining because aside from all the choice refreshments it contains a fresh fruit platter with the best seasonal fruit ready to serve.

  • The newborn / new mom's basket - a basket for the mother and child. It also contains thirteen products, mainly high-end sustenance for the mom and a cute gift for the lucky newborn.

Another advantage of all the baskets is that you can inform her of any allergies or food preferences beforehand in order to ensure full satisfaction. All the foods are kosher, but you can specify any preferred authorization as well.


The basket delicacies are purchased on the 'Loveshuk' website. Currently, she ships only within Israel so most of the purchases have been from family abroad sending gifts to relatives or friends who live in Israel. Since the website is in Hebrew, you can contact her by email at for the specifics of each basket.

The basket prices range between 250 - 330 NIS. Delivery to most locations in Israel is free.



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