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  • Talma Gotteiner

"My Israeli Flag": A Virtual Exhibition for Independence Day

Hi there,

On the occasion of Israel's 72nd Independence Day, artist and photographer Judith Harpaz is presenting a special photography exhibition of 72 color photographs starring the Israeli flag.

Over the past decade, Judith Harpaz has traveled around the country and around the world, collecting unique images of the Israeli flag. The exhibition was scheduled to be launched at an exciting opening event on Independence Day, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it was decided to upload the exhibition online and allow all flag enthusiasts to view it online. Am I the only one reminded of "Fun with Flags" :)?

My Israeli Flag: A Virtual Exhibition for Independence Day
David Cohen, an 88-year-old Lehi fighter in his flag costume. Credit: Judith Harpaz

About the Exhibition Judith Harpaz has stated that out of love for our flag from her childhood, she tends shoot it everywhere it catches her eye both in Israel and abroad. Moreover, the timing of this exhibition is especially important because of the optimism that it engenders. The flag represents all the we have been able to achieve and the amazing country that we have built.

Among the photos in the exhibition are: the Israeli flag flying in front of the UN building, during a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp, at the Western Wall, a painting of the flag drawn by Judith's 7-year-old granddaughter, a photo of Dan Biran - the paratrooper in the 55th Brigade who raised the Israeli flag on the Temple Mount in 1967 and later became a historical heritage researcher of the Israeli flag , a photo of David Cohen, an 88-year-old Lehi fighter who has dedicated an entire room in his house to a selection of Israeli flags and Lehi stories, and this year also chose to make a Purim costume of the Israeli flag, the flag in the President Reuven Rivlin's guest room, next to the fallen gravestones in the Mount Herzl cemetery, and even a contemporary picture from last week of Judith herself wearing a Flag of Israel mask and more.

About Judith Harpaz Judith Harpaz, is a social photographer. Born in Haifa, aged 61, is a resident of Beit Zayit. She is married with four children and is a grandmother to eleven grandchildren.

Through photography, Harpaz aims to give contribute to the diverse society in Israel. Judith mainly shoots women, studio and street photography. Her Hebrew blog "Isha Veadasha" incorporates stories and experiences in photography, traveling and life in general.

She has presented two social exhibitions: In preparation for the 68th anniversary of the State of Israel, she created the exhibition "The Eyes of the State" together with the photographer Meir Elipur, and on the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel she presented the exhibition "Seventy Women". Both exhibitions were a success and attracted much interest.

She graduated from the Hebrew University with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Hebrew and later studied law and is qualified to practice law.

Happy Independence Day! Talma

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