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  • Talma Gotteiner

Mystorin Theater Presenting 'UNCAGED': A Thrilling Comics Mystery Show Live on "Zoom"

Hi there,

I'm happy to share with you a unique mystery show. Mystorin Theater is the leading theater in the country for location-dependent immersive performances that involve the audience. Its highly praised performances usually take place in challenging and unconventional spaces such as the new Central Station, Kedma High School in Jerusalem and more.

During the first closure, instead of disassembling the theater and placing the actors on unpaid vacation, the theater put on a the new show 'UNCAGED', exploring the artistic potential of the complex period and turning the limitations into tools for creating original and contemporary theater in real time. The show is perforemed on Facebook Live, in parallel with UNCAGED's Zoom shows to audiences in Israel and around the world. The theater is proud to provide a livelihood for the actors these days, and to create an original and enriching culture for the audience.

'UNCAGED', The first show of its kind in Israel, whose tickets at the beginning of the first closure were sold out in less than an hour (!) will be using the "zoom" platform as a stage, with the splitting of the screens being a central part of the plot story.

The show is performed by 10 actors in 6 locations, and combines live video with animated clips, comics and edited video. The result: a disruptive, funny, suspenseful, contemporary and topical interactive show.

WHEN: Nov 14th at 6:00, Israeli time in English.

Mystorin Theater Presenting 'UNCAGED': A Thrilling Comics Mystery Show Live on "Zoom"
Credit: Mystorin Theater

THE PLOT: As a battle as old as time between good and evil wages on, a motley crew of misfit superheroes must band together to ensure humanity's survival, and prevent an imminent doomsday from occurring. The only question is, will they be able to conquer their own demons and save the world from the apocalypse before time runs out?

Mystorin Theater is proud to present UNCAGED, a unique, thrilling digital immersive experience, performed live on a global stage.

TICKETS: Purchase directly on the Theater's English and Hebrew Website.



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