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Negev Tour 2022

Hi there,

The Negev Development Authority is inviting the public to join 'Negev Tour', a series of guided concept tours that will take place in various southern cities during the month of December. As part of the campaign, there will be culinary tours and Hanukkah tours during the month of December that will give you a taste of the variety of local restaurants, a meeting with the women and the stories of the Negev and an in-depth acquaintance with the residents and challenges in the south of Israel.

WHEN: December 2022

Negev Tour 2022
Credit: Regev Kalef

The Culinary "Negev Tour"

During the first two weekends of December, there will be a variety of culinary tours in different cities that will allow you to taste the numerous cuisines of the various ethnicities living in the Negev. Among the tours are a street food and music tour in Sderot during which you will meet the owners of Hori Bakery, taste Sabich in the courtyard of the home of the legendary singer Haim Oliel and more. A gluten-free tour with falafel tasting, fruit sushi, and natural smoothies will be available in Beer Sheva. A night bar tour will take place in the old city of Beer Sheva where you will visit the local beer house that has over 100 types of beers as well as old and new wine places in the city. A candy tour in the city of Rahat will let you taste a variety of Bedouin sweets, including baklava, knafeh, maamulim, and nuts. A tasting tour in Yeruham will include Frena bread, beers, and hummus and a meeting with local breweries. A tour of the village of Lakia will include a visit to the home of a Bedouin host, where you can taste olives from the last harvest and prepare a fresh pita on the Saj.


The Hanukkah "Negev Tour"

Between Dec 20-21, 2022, the third and fourth candle of Hanukkah, there will be a variety of Hanukkah tours in the cities of the Negev. Among other things, a Hanukkah tour in the 5th neighborhood in Beer Sheva will enable you to taste unique pastries at Idan Ben Baruch's patisserie, which has become the latest buzz throughout the Negev. A Hanukkah tour with 'Sufganiot' (holiday doughnuts) for the whole family will take place in the city market in Beer Sheva where you will also taste different types of olives following the miracle of the olive oil. A Hanukkah candle lighting tour in the old synagogues of Netivot takes you to a menorah that is lit in water, a meeting with the ultra-Orthodox community, and a taste of Sufganiot at the legendary Shimoni pastry shop. Another tour of lights in the city of Sderot includes a meeting with a local mama over a sfinge doughnut and sweet tea. A special tour of fried sweets in the city of Yeruhem between the various bakeries will take you to the first cooperative bakery in the town. A theatrical tour in Mitzpe Ramon following the characters and stories of the city. A Hanukkah tour in the city of Arad will take you to the unique neighborhoods in the city where you will light candles at the special menorah in memory of the late soldier Ron Kokia.


Price: 20 NIS per participant.

Tickets may be purchased here.



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