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Rahat: "Ramadan Nights" - A Unique Beduin Experience

Hi there,

The Rahat Municipality and Rahat Economic Society are inviting the public to experience, for the fifth year, the "Ramadan Nights" festival in Rahat. During the Islamic month of the Ramadan, as soon as night falls, the streets are filled with scents and the largest Bedouin city in the country starts bustling with life, colors, sounds and prayers until the wee hours of the night. You are welcome to join an unforgettable tour at the most special time of the year, giving a unique glimpse into Bedouin culture in Rahat.

During these unique night tours you will tour the streets and meet some of the people living in Rahat, taste some of their authentic home dishes, hear some of the stories and secrets of Rahat, taste sweet delicacies like kataif, smell spices and roasted coffee, learn about Ramadan from an Imam (Muslim religious leader), meet inspiring Bedouin women and experience unique experiences like an original Bedouin theater show.

This year, due to the corona, the tours will be conducted via independent vehicles and shuttles within the city. In addition, there will be a variety of tours and you will also be able to stay with a Bedouin family only for the Iftar meal as part of the "Family Hosting Family" project.

WHEN: Thursdays Apr 29th, 2021 and May 6th, 2021 and Saturdays May 1st and 8th, 2021

Rahat: "Ramadan Nights" - A Unique Beduin Experience
Credit: Regev Calef

The Traditional Tour

15:30-16:00 - Registration and gathering at the "Rahat Community Center" (you can use Waze to get there).

16:00-16:30 - Bedouin reception in a guest tent with coffee, tea, Bedouin folk music, henna painting and an exhibition of paintings by an international Palestinian Bedouin artist, Khader Al-Sheikh.

16:30-19:30 - Guided tour around the city and workshops (independent travel or shuttles from station to station):

  • A walking tour of the city market to learn the secrets of the city with a local guide.

  • A workshop for making the special Ramadan candy - the Kataif

  • A visit to the mosque in Rahat and a meeting with a local Imam to get acquainted with the Muslim religion and the holiday of Ramadan.

  • A theater workshop in the only Bedouin theater in the country "Almahabash" - for an original and cool improvisation that will connect you to the Bedouin culture.

19:30- 20:30 - Home hospitality with a local family for a festive and authentic Iftar dinner, a meeting the women cooks who will expose you to their personal story.

20:30-21:30 - A happening with local shows for the whole Bedouin community.

Price: Full tour from 16:00-20:30 (including a rich meat meal): 140 NIS for an adult, 70 NIS for a child up to the age of 12. No charge before the age of two.

A Nightlife Night Tour

As part of this guided tour you will visit the hookah shops in the city with a guide and learn about the differences between them, you will visit hidden cafes, taste the street food that the locals eat at night during the Ramadan, visit the city's popular shops on holiday nights and of course taste the festive sweets. Everywhere you can purchase the local produce to take home.

Gathering: 20:30 at the Rahat Community Center

Estimated end: 22:00

Cost: 30 NIS per person. It is possible to book as a separate tour and there is an option to add to the traditional tour.

Tour, Show and Workshops (without the Iftar-meal)

A guided tour of "Tradition, Tastes and Smells" together with a local Bedouin guide in Rahat. During it you will tour the municipal market for a short walking tour in the hours before the end of the fast. Experience unique and authentic Bedouin workshops such as a Kataif workshop, a Sesame workshop, a theater workshop and more. The tours includes a visit the mosque and meeting with an Imam to learn about the Islamic religion and the traditions of Ramadan.

Gathering: 16:30 at the Rahat Community Center.

End: 19:30

Cost: 70 NIS per adult / child. Children up to the age of 5 free of charge.

A Family Hosts a Family

As part of the project, which will take place for the first time this year, you can come to Rahat and stay with a Bedouin family and eat the traditional Iftar meal with the family. It is a chance to hear about the Bedouin culture and the story of the host family.

How Does It Work?

  • Arrival to Rahat is independent (Waze: Rahat Community Center) and so is the journey inside Rahat and to the host house. You can get there on Thursdays by public transport from Be'er Sheva.

  • Travel from the community center to stations throughout the city will be possible in the private vehicles or shuttles we will make available to you.

  • Kosher dishes can be ordered in advance for an Iftar-dinner meal for over 10 people on Thursdays only (minimum 10 orders)

  • Throughout the tour you can buy authentic Bedouin delicacies, homemade dishes, handicrafts made by Bedouin women and more.

  • The event is conducted in groups according to the instructions of the purple character. There may be changes in the plan.

  • All meals include vegan / vegetarian food.

  • It is the responsibility of the visitor to update in advance on food allergies.

  • Registration in advance is recommended. The number of places is limited!


Registration is through the festival's Hebrew website or contact directly via email: or tel. 051-5583004.

Select the desired tour and register.

  • Ramadan tour in Rahat with Iftar meal - 140 NIS per adult, 70 NIS for a child above the age of two.

  • Ramadan tour in Rahat (without Iftar meal) - 70 NIS per adult / child above the age of five.

  • Nightour Ramadan tour in Rahat - 30 NIS.



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