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  • Talma Gotteiner

Rehovot: A Comics Festival - BAM!

Hi there,

I'm happy to share with you a festival that is open to the public. Ofer Rehovot Mall, part of the Ofer Malls Group, is holding a comics festival in the mall with a wide range of leading artists, comics artists, cartoonists, and fantasy world experts.

The festival will be open to the general public and will include, among other things: lectures, drawing workshops for beginners, comics workshops, comics creators' booths with artists and exhibitors from the field, a manga and comics quiz with prizes, an award-winning competition, a cartoon exhibition and much more.

Rehovot: A Comics Festival - BAM!
Credit: Courtesy of Ofer Malls Group PR

WHEN: June 21, 2022 from 15:00 - 20:00. It's FREE!

In the festival program: "How to paint Zanzi" - by Ofer Zanzaria, a manga quiz and comics with prizes, a workshop for drawing characters for beginners with Eran Aviani, lecture "Genres in meaningful manga and characteristics of the creator (16+)" by Chen Salem a comics creator, writer and artist and a lecture - "What reads in comics?" by Or Bendel - a creator and researcher of comics.

The workshops and creations include an initial acquaintance with the world of comics and cartoon characters, with superheroes, the world of fantasy comics, science fiction, humor and a combination of the world of reality and imagination. The comics workshop will combine drawing and a storyline into one work. The participants will go through exciting, funny and dramatic experiences with the characters while the children's audience will serve as the painting artist.



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