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Remangar Flamenco Company Present: ALBOREANDO - Dancing at Dawn

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After garnering much praise from both the audience and critics for its previous works, starting July 21, the Remangar Flamenco Company, founded and under the artistic direction of Keren and Avner Pesach, will debut ALBOREANDO (Dancing at Dawn) in Israel.

Remangar's new première invites the audience to join a new energetic flamenco experience that unites music, dance and singing more than ever.

Remangar Flamenco Company Present: ALBOREANDO - Dancing at Dawn
Credit: Yossi Zwecker

WHEN: 7 Shows starting July 21st - December 15th, 2022

WHERE: Throughout the Country

In this new production, twelve Remangar artists, dancers, singers and musicians bring to the stage all the quality richness that only contemporary Flamenco Puro can achieve. The band is hosting the dancer, Michal Ben Zvi, who studied and danced in Seville for several years prior to her return and who has recently staged an independent production at the Mediterranee Festival.

Another partner in this work is FARRUQUITO, one of the greatest dancers and musicians in Spain. He appears on all the important stages in the world and is the grandson of the famous dancer "EL FARRUCO" and son of the famous dancer LA FARRUCA and singer EL MORENO. Farruquito began his dance career at the age 6 at a FLAMENCO Puro show on Broadway. He recently came to Israel to work with the dancers on one of the works in the show and even wrote the music for it working with the musicians to incorporate it.

The Remangar Flamenco Company, under the artistic direction of the pair of dancers Keren and Avner Pesach, was formed in 2006 upon their return to Israel from a 10-year stay in Spain. During their stay in Spain they studied, trained and performed alongside one of the world famous flamenco families - Los Farrucos - and then continued their journey and performed on important stages around the world. Its performances are always accompanied by live music and sound quality at the highest level and are praised by the critics. Its 10 artists - dancers, musicians and singers bring new premieres every year to the leading halls in the country.

Artistic Management: Keren and Avner Pesach | Musical Director: Avner Pesach and Ili Burla | Choreographer Partner and Musical Consultant: Farruquito | Dancers: Keren Pesach, Asherat Klein, Noy Lachman, Keren Shnor Guest Dancer: Michal Ben Zvi | Poetry: Yael Horowitz, Shuki Shviki, Ofir Atar, Avner Pesach | Guitar: Eli Burla | Flamenco Bass: Eran Horowitz | Percussion: Yuval Kaufman | Lighting Design: Danny Fischoff | Costume Design: Keren Pesach, Nancy Keheimer | Performance Management: Karin Lederman.


  • July 21 - Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv

  • September 16 - Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv

  • October 11 - Ushpizin Music Festival Ashdod

  • November 12 - Rappaport Hall, Haifa

  • November 26 - Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv

  • December 10 - Performing Arts Center, Beer Sheva

  • December 15 - Jerusalem Theater

Ticket prices: 109-149 NIS

Purchase on the Suzanne Dellal website or on the Remangar website.



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