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  • Talma Gotteiner

Shavuot 2020: The Bloomfield Science Museum Invites Families to a Virtual Demo Show

Hi there!

Just before the reopening of the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, the museum has decided to invite the public for an unconventional virtual family tour that will give a one-time behind-the-scenes glimpse of the museum.

Funded and supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, the unique and intriguing tour of the Museum's mysteries will be conducted under the guidance of Shmulik Friedman, a senior instructor at the Museum.

The event is intended for families in Israel and will take place in Hebrew, but I'm sure some of you will be able to enjoy it.

WHEN: Thursday morning, May 28, 2020 (Eve of Shavuot) at 10:00-11:30

TO VIEW: Facebook Live Show (It's Free!)

Shavuot 2020: The Bloomfield Science Museum Invites Families to a Virtual Demo Show
Credit: The Museum's Workshop by Yael Ilan

The tour will take place in corners of the museum that visitors do not reach on a daily basis. For example, the Science Museum workshop, where every exhibit begins and ends. At the workshop, visitors will meet the manager of the workshop, Uri Sinai, and the chief exhibitor, Dr. Amir Ben Shalom, who will discuss how exhibits of various exhibitions are born and will present the various instruments and tools in the workshop that are used to construct the exhibits.

Visitors will be given a very special glimpse of the construction process of two unique exhibits - Pendulight - the well-known laser pendulum and the sand pendulum - to be first revealed to the public during a unique event this summer.

Another highlight of the tour is the museum's MAKE lab. Lab Manager Elad Paz will demonstrate how to work with 3D printers and will present the laser cutter and other devices. The lab. team will demonstrate how protective masks were made for medical teams during the Coronavirus crisis and will prepare a surprise to end the visit.

During the tour, a scientific demonstration will be held on how to blow air rings, and inflate a contactless balloon. Spectators will see how to play with liquid nitrogen (caution, -196oC!). You will also learn how to launch different rockets (not to do at home!). Another fascinating activity is the construction of a Corona-style musical instrument that uses a disposable glove and various materials found in each home.

Lastly, there will also be a behind-the-scenes glimpse of two familiar exhibits that will closely examine the mechanisms that propel a flying sculpture and will disassemble it also providing a glimpse into a hidden room that allows it to operate.

Below is the schedule:

10:00 - behind the scenes - a one-time visit to the workshop.

10:20 - Scientific Demo - What happens at 196 degrees? How to inflate contactless balloons? What is the connection between the rolling of coins and the solar system?

10:40 - What's going on in the MAKE lab in the museum and what's behind the disassembly tube?

10:55 - Corona Style Custom Construction - What Can I Do With Gloves?

11:05 AM - "Rocket Launching" A Spectacular Demo!

11:20 pm - Get on a flight and separate ..

11:30 am - Finish the Live Show.

Happy Shavuot Indeed!


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