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  • Talma Gotteiner

Shomrat Hazorea: Back on Track

Updated: May 5, 2020

Hi there, Shomrat Hazorea, one of the largest and oldest furniture companies in Israel is returning to a normal, post-coronavirus work routine, starting with 50% off discounts on hundreds of furniture items from their showroom display.

Shomrat Hazorea: Back on Track
Credit: Studio Shomrat Hazorea

The company was founded in the 1950s by the kibbutzim Shomrat and Hazorea. About 20 years ago, the factory and chain stores were purchased by the Wissman Group.

Shomrat Hazorea maintains a high level of design with an emphasis on functionality, use of quality raw materials and manufacturing. Their furniture is professionally designed with attention to detail. All products are designed by and undergo the quality control and assurance of the company. The large variety of company products enable its customers the freedom to choose styles, combine, adapt, be creative and express their personal design preference.

Sample offers include:

  • The 'Arava' dining table + 6 'Shira' chairs || regular price 12,246 NIS -> offered at 6,120 NIS.

  • The 'Meridian' dining table + 6 'Coco' chairs || regular price: 14,060 NIS -> offered at 7,030 NIS.

  • The 'Philadelphia' Living Room Sectional||regular price 18,135 NIS -> offered at 9,070 NIS.

  • The 'Daniel' armchair || regular price 3,155 NIS -> offered at 1,577 NIS.

  • The 'Ya'ar' TV stand + coffee table || regular price 6,510 NIS -> offered at 3,255 NIS.

  • The 'Alice' bed || regular price 2,843 NIS -> offered at 1,420 NIS.

The deals are available at all the network branches.

For details on the network and branch addresses, please refer to their Hebrew website or contact via phone: 073-2221800 or email. Best, Talma

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