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Summer Activities for Kids 2022

Hi there,

Remember that last week I wrote about some Galilean festivals?

Well, this week I'm happy to share some the kids' version with all the special events that have been concocted for the little ones.

Summer Activities for Kids 2022
Credit: A collage of photos by Jini photo agency of festival activities and Yael Hecht at the Waldorf Astoria.

Moshav Dalton is Hosting a "Kofiko" Show - FREE ENTRANCE

One of the satellite events of the music and culinary festival, "Festival Bein HaKramim - Among the Vineyards" will take place at Moshav Dalton. Kofiko, an Israeli literary creation of the late writer Tamar Bornstein Lazar, is a talking monkey from the Ein Ganim neighborhood who lives with a typical Israeli family and never ceases to surprise with funny antics and craziness. The Kofiko show is a spectacular, colorful and funny combining happy music and colorful dances that kids will love.

When: Sunday, August 14th at 16:30-19:30

A Forest of Experiences at the Birya Fortress - FREE ENTRANCE

KKL guides, will be taking families on a guided tour among the magical forest trees, we they will be able to observe a spectacular view and play a digital navigation game around the fortress. In addition, a colorful workshop made from natural and recycled materials, suitable for the whole family will be available. The workshop includes making mobiles from leaves and branches, figures from pine cones, and more.

During the days of the festival, the fortress will be open to the public for an independent visit between 8:00-15:00.

When: The activity will take place on Tuesday, August, 16th at 16:00-19:00.

A Circus Show as part of the Annual Farmers' Fair at Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra - FREE ENTRANCE

The old agricultural settlement, Kerem Ben Zimra, is inviting families to celebrate its 70th birthday at a colorful and happy farmers market fair. Farmers and local tourism hosts will present and sell their fine produce alongside original handicrafts and art, food stalls, boutique pastries alongside a special nature café. Along with the many exhibitors, visitors will enjoy an entertaining circus show by the international circus artist Sagi Bracha, in a virtuoso classical juggling performance full of humor for the whole family. The show includes juggling with a variety of circus instruments, balance beams and other surprises and will be held at 18:00 pm on the main lawn. Come for a family outing in a special rural atmosphere!

When: Wednesday, August, 17th at 16:00-20:00

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel is Catering to Children During August

Till the end of August, the prestigious international brand has decided to create a special hospitality experience for the young guests. The variety of activities for children include:

  • A unique check-in experience for children - At the reception a special high stool will be placed for the children. Each child will receive a kit containing an interactive passport that will allow them to sign it upon entering and exiting the various areas of the hotel, a drawing and coloring set, and the the Waldorf Astoria pillow.

  • A variety of products designed for children and babies will be placed in the rooms - Every reservation that includes a baby bed in the room will receive: the Waldorf Astoria children's pillow , a pack of wipes, a baby bib with the hotel logo, a diaper and a diaper designed for swimming. Orders that include children will receive special slippers for children and the Astor pillow for older children.

  • A game room - On the 1st floor, a playroom has been opened that serves as a special calm corner with toys, games and a gymboree room, which operates 7 days a week and where a children's instructor accompanies the little ones' entertainment and adds quality and interesting content to the vacation.

  • An electronic game room - For older children, an electronic game room will be opened on the 1st floor for fans of gaming and consoles.

  • A daily breakfast buffet for children - A unique buffet will be built in the hotel, adapted in size to children and allowing complete independence for each boy and girl. The buffet will offer a variety of foods that little ones like including: pancakes and waffles with delicious and colorful toppings, breakfast cereals, yogurts, fruit skewers and vegetable sticks, a small pizza tray, a cheese tray, a variety of juices, chocolate and more.



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