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Summer Beauty Products No. 2

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Hi there!

Summer is still going strong and I wonder how many product reviews I'll write by the time it is over. The more the merrier, right? I'd like to share with you the following:

  • A new deodorant series by 'Dr. Melumad'

  • A chic jewelry brand that has gone online named 'Roni Khan'

A New Deodorant Series by Dr. Melumad

'Dr. Melumad', an Israeli company that I wrote about previously is launching an innovative deodorant series, for a fresh, dry and safe feeling - every day all day.

The series products provides an invisible and unique protection that manages to prevent unpleasant odors throughout the day, exceptionally well and not so surpisingly, works immediately from the very first use. The product is designed to deal with sweating and hyperhidrosis (i.e. excessive sweating) to afford complete protection even during hot summer days.

The product is based on the following active ingredients:

  • A Fresh Active Aloe Vera Gel produced in Dr. Melumad's research labs through an exclusive process for obtaining the aloe vera juice from the aloe vera plant.

  • Moisturizing Components - To prevent extreme dryness and irritation in the delicate armpit area.

  • A complex for the treatment and prevention of hyperhidrosis.

  • An odor-neutralizing complex.

The gentleness of the formulation and lack of skin irritation enables almost anyone to use the product. Additionally, vegans may be interested to know that the products are vegan friendly, because they are based on natural and plant materials and do not contain harmful chemicals, paraben, SLS, petroleum or animal components and have not been tested on animals as well. Lastly, the products are of a high quality and do not stain the clothes.

The series has been approved by the Ministry of Health.

Product Price: 29.90 NIS per 100 mL packaging.

Now on special introductory offer: 19.90 NIS per 100 mL packaging.

The series includes 4 products:

  • Deodorant roll-on - Natural Aloe Vera Unisex Without Perfume

  • Deodorant roll-on - Natural Aloe Vera for Men with Male Perfume

  • Deodorant roll-on - Natural Aloe Vera for Women with Female Perfume

  • Deodorant roll-on - Natural Aloe Vera Unisex Mildly Perfumed. The aloe vera in this product is enriched with additional herbs such as calendula and chamomile for soothing of the skin, ginseng for strengthening, common sage for protection, peppermint for freshness and renewal.

The series is available at private pharmacies, perfumery, nature stores and through the official Dr. Melumad website.

Summer Beauty Products No. 2
Credit: Product photos courtesy of Dr. Melumad

A Chic Jewelry Brand that has gone Online named 'Roni Khan'

I wrote about RONI KHAN about a year and a half ago when she launched one of the 10 branches that are located in the leading malls across the country. Now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, she is launching a website so that you can access her products and order them online from the safety of your home.

Roni Cohen, the owner of the chain has stated: "We decided to take advantage of this period, where the malls are closed, and to respond to potential customers through a sales website that displays impressively all the jewelry that was supposed to go to the branches, an inventory of collections sold at very attractive prices and to receive discounts and benefits offered on the site and more.

The Hebrew Roni Khan Website is easy to access, and you can also appreciate the tailor-made jewelry look thanks to paid total-look photos that demonstrate how to wear them effectively.

The sales website launch offer is: FREE SHIPPING for purchases over 199 NIS!

Summer Beauty Products No. 2



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