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  • Talma Gotteiner

Summer Games

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Hi there!

It seems that only yesterday, the kids returned to school, but now it's nearly over. I'm happy to share with you some new games designed to create several enjoyable moments at home.

Super Attractive Deals on the Clicktoy Website

The Clicktoy website has thousands of games and leisure products including popular and international brands such as Lego, Playmobil, Play Dough, Intex, Shafir Games and more. The site is divided into ten different categories: Pools, Motorized, Thinking and Creating, Adultlike, Assembly Games, Home and Garden, Playmobil, Babies and Toddlers, Lego and On Wheels. Each one is subdivided into additional categories making the search for any product very easy to find.

Summer Games
Credit: Product photo courtesy of Clicktoy

Among other things, you can find trampolines, backyard pools and water games, motorized cars for children, dolls and animals, thinking and creating games, development games, skates, doll houses, puzzles and more. The site also offers the succesful games of the "Smart Click" brand and the "Mitzvah Click" brand that is popular with the ultra-Orthodox public.

Kfir Gabay, CEO has stated "We have all been through a difficult period, and I have decided to continue to indulge our customers with generous discounts on their favorite games - international hits and others - as we did throughout the coronavirus shutdown".

Sample Discounts:

  • Playmobil's 'Knights Castle' game (in Hebrew: 'Tirat Abiray Hazeev') (Model 6002) - Includes 133 castle building pieces, 3 figures, ladders and torches, a horse, flags, turrets, a wall, a gate, arrows on fire and weapons. Suitable for ages 4 and up. Price: 269.90 NIS (instead of 500 NIS).

  • Playmobil's Take-Along Dollhouse (Model 5167) - Includes a dollhouse in a carry-on suitcase, comprising 4 rooms on 2 floors - a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom as well as 129 game pieces including figures, furniture and a variety of home decor accessories. The size of the house (closed): 25 * 26 cm. Suitable for ages 4 and up. Price: 89.90 NIS (instead of 169.90 NIS).

  • A Karaoke Microphone with a Recorder - Includes an amplifier and built-in W6 speaker, a high quality aluminum body, clean sound with noise filter, wireless bluetooth connection and USB and AUX connections - to play music from the smartphone, TV or audio system. The microphone comes with a rechargeable battery in a variety of colors. Price: 40 NIS (instead of 100 NIS).

  • 'Kesef Donatello' (in Hebrew: 'Donatello Money'): A Family Strategy Game in Hebrew. The game simulates an international business trip during which cities and businesses are purchases and sold. The game includes credit cards and a transaction machine. When investing wisely, you earn money and deposit into a digital bank. With proper planning - the loser can turn around his luck. Suitable for ages 6 and up. Price: 129.90 NIS (instead of 250 NIS).

  • Settlers of Catan - A strategic game for the whole family. One of the most influential board games of recent decades. The skills required are strategic thinking, resource management and trading ability - as transactions are the main interactive element between players. The goal of the game is to settle on the island of Catan and move forward - by utilizing its natural resources, building settlements and cities, roads and development. From the age of 10 years and up. Price: 99.90 NIS (instead of 149.90 NIS).

There is a variety of discounts on additional toys, games and leisure products as well.

'Panic Mansion' - A New Strategic Game by Geoni

The Israeli game maker "Geoni" that specializes in development of original thinking and learning games for children, has launched a fun game in English & Hebrew called 'Panic Mansion' / 'Ahuzat Refaim.

The challenging game comes in a spectacular and unique design that creates a magical atmosphere. The backdrop story presented in the game is as follows: "The mansion up the hill has always been considered magical. It is said that the only way to undo the spell on is to collect the ghosts, wandering eyes, slithering snakes, crawling spiders and other objects found in the walls and bring them to one room ... Will you succeed in breaking the spell?".

In a stimulating game of agility, competitors are required to bring the items into the correct room on the estate, according to the playing cards. The first player who manages to complete 5 challenges - is the winner that breaks the spell of the mansion. The instructions also offer a second variation once you tire of this one.

The game develops skills of concentration and discernment, agility, balance and spatial acuity. The game contains 4 mansions containing 8 rooms each, 48 ​​objects, 4 adventurers, 8 ghosts, 8 eyes, 8 spiders, 8 snakes, 12 treasure boxes and 48 challenge cards.

Suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Price: 100-110 NIS

Available at the toy and book stores and on the Geoni website. For those who purchase through their website, there is a 15% coupon code for the thinking and strategic games category on my 'members only' page. If you're not a member, you'll be directed to subscribe.

Summer Games
Credit: Ofir Weiss



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