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  • Talma Gotteiner

The Gipsy Kings Host Shlomi Shabat in their Spanish Celebration

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Hi there,

The Gypsy Kings band is returning for a tour of Israel with a special guest - Shlomi Shabat, one of the most respected and important artists in Israeli music!

The band, which has become a symbol of Spanish music, with its original soloist Andre Reyes, accompanied by his band, will make three appearances in Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva and Haifa. After the success of their tour with Miri Mesika, this time the band members have decided to return to Israel and host Shlomi Shabat.

The Gipsy Kings Host Shlomi Shabbat in their Spanish Celebration
Credit: Sergey Demyanchuk


September 22, 2021 - The Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel-Aviv.

September 25, 2021 - Omer Amphitheater, Beer Sheva. September 26, 2021 - The International Convention Center - Haifa.

The dates have been postponed till April 2022.

April 16th and 22nd, 2022 - Omer Amphitheater, Beer Sheva.

April 17th and 18th, 2022 - The Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel-Aviv.

April 20th, 2022 - The International Convention Center - Haifa.

The Gipsy Kings became a symbol of Spanish music, known for their renewal of the South American song 'Bamboleo', which became a worldwide hit in 1980. In the same year they recorded their album 'Gipsy Kings' which sold millions of copies worldwide. Among the band's well-known hits are: 'Jobi Joba', 'Volare', a cover version of a song by Domenico Modugno, and the famous cover of the Eagles' hit 'Hotel California'.

One of their big hits 'Un Amor', is performed by them in the opening scene of John Turturro's film 'The Jesus Rolls' a crime comedy in which he returns to play the iconic character of Jesus, the bowling player known to everyone from the cult film 'The Big Lebowski'.

"The only way to truly experience the performance of 'Gypsy Kings' is to get to one of their shows. No album will be a substitute for this fiesta ..." There is no substitute for that temperament, the husky voice, the energetic rhythms, the virtuoso fret, the big gestures. Do not argue with the facts "Hersonski, March 2019".



Production: EGOeast Productions

Ticket prices start at 199 NIS.

Tickets for the Tel-Aviv and Haifa performances can be purchased on the Leaan Website. Tickets for the Beer Sheva performance can be purchased on the Tickets4u Website.



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