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  • Talma Gotteiner

The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel School is Launching an Online VOD Site

Hi there!

As a film buff myself, I'm happy to share with you information on the launch of a new VOD site.

On the occasion of its 30th Anniversary, the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School (JSFS) under the direction of Dana Blankstein Cohen is launching a unique VOD site of its 30 best films of all times spanning 1989-2019, as voted on by an international jury of 100 film personas from 45 different countries.

The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel School is Launching an Online VOD Site
Credit: Shooting David Lynch in Israel by Doron Djerassi, 2007 photo by Yossi Zwecker

TO VIEW: The VOD site will be open and free for 30 days beginning November 1st 2020. After December 1st 2020, a symbolic fee will be collected towards scholarships for the students.

The new VOD site will allows viewers to experience the award-winning debuts of Nir Bergman (Cannes Official Selection 2020); Dani Rosenberg (Cannes Official Selection 2020); Nadav Lapid (Berlinale winner 2019); David Ofek (Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive, 2019); Yehonatan Indursky (Shtishel); Mihal Brezis and Oded Binun (The Etruscan Smile); Talya Lavie (Zero Motivation); Tom Shoval (Youth) and many others. Anthem, by Elad Keidan was voted in first place.

The new VOD site brings forward thousands of moments from the School’s trailblazing history: its establishment against all odds in 1989; the historic visit of David Lynch to the School; uplifting words by honorary fellows President Reuven Rivlin and filmmaker Ronit Elkabetz; parodies about JSFS by satire shows, including Israel's SNL, Eretz Nehederet.

Bonus materials include films by Ruthy Pribar (Asia, Tribeca 2020); Keren Margalit (Sleeping Bears, The A Word); Dafna Levin (Euphoria, In Treatment); Prof. Dan Geva (CILECT Lab for Ethics in Cinema); Ra'anan Alexandrowitcz, (Emmy Award winner). There are also custom-made commentaries by former curator at MoMA Larry Kardish, Nadav Lapid and more.

Renen Schorr, curator and project initiator as well as Founding Director of the School has stated: “this is the full meal and it is accessible to the students, teachers, and alumni of the School in addition to the wider industry in Israel and abroad to experience the consistent spirit of the School as it has changed over the years. It is my hope that this unique portal will promote a wider conversation about the short film as a genre worthy of discussion and about Sam Spiegel films as a whole and the voices of our alumni, their personal writing and their collective spirit.”

Initiator and curator: Renen Schorr; Content Editor: Ayelet Menahemi; Restoration: Tommy Hammer and Ron Ben Meir; Graphic Design: Adar Debby; International Relations: Cara Saposnik.

Supporters: Department of Culture, Jerusalem Municipality; The Jerusalem Film Fund; The Sam Spiegel Estate; The Jerusalem Foundation

You bring the popcorn!



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