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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tiv Ta'am Supermarkets: Launching A Free Membership Club

Hi there!

I attended a launch event of the Tiv Ta'am supermarket chain of its new long-term strategic move to reduce prices aggressively and commencement of a free membership club!

For those of my readers who are not familiar with the supermarket chains in Israel, the "Tiv Ta'am" brand is a supermarket chain of about 40 stores around the country with an additional online store, covering 45,000 square meters and offering quality, service and variety. The chain is open daily, including Saturdays and is therefore non-kosher by definition. As such it offers both kosher and non-kosher products in its stores. Hagai Shalom CEO and owner of the Tiv Ta'am Group extends his welcome to you.

Tiv Ta'am Supermarkets: Launching A Free Membership Club
Above: Hagai Shalom, CEO and owner of the Tiv Ta'am Grpu

The price reduction has been initiated by offering a discount of over 1,000 of the most popular products in the chain, making them equal to the prices at the comparable Shufersal Deal chain. The discounts will be available in all the best-selling categories: meat, groceries, soft drinks and spirits, canned goods, vegetables, cakes and cookies, baby products, toiletries, cleaning products and more.

At the launch, Hagai Shalom CEO and owner of the Tiv Ta'am Group explained that the move has come to strengthen the viability of comprehensive shopping and not just shopping of unique products that characterize Tiv Ta'am. The new price policy will continue to maintain equivalence with the prices of Shufersal Deal, a well-deserved and market-leading company, all without compromising the quality, variety, culinary experience and service that characterize Tiv Ta'am.

The price reduction includes the 19 Tiv Ta'am branches (not including the City stores) as well as the Tiv Ta'am website.

According to Hagai Shalom, the move is long-lasting, diverse and intense and includes all the chain stores, except the small stores within the cities, which are already competitive, high-quality and superior to other stores of its kind.

The move is being reinforced by a number of significant changes in the membership club activation model and is being made accessible to the general public. Accordingly, the new membership club card is provided free of charge without membership fees.

Members of the club will enjoy exclusive promotions, including coupons, discounts, personal benefits and more. The total discounts given to club members will be about 100,000 NIS a year! About 10% off shopping.

The price cut will be accompanied by a broad campaign, with an investment of 1.8 million NIS, under a slogan that translates to "We have lowered the prices of the 1000 products leading to Shufersal Deal prices." The campaign will air on all leading channels of communication: TV, the press, websites, outdoor signs and broad digital activities, as well as media channels that appeal to Russian-segment audiences.

Examples of products that will be discounted: Corn schnitzel 750 grams of Tivol - New price: 22.70 NIS instead of 34.90 NIS, Jacobs Kronung freeze-dried instant coffee 300 g - New price: 24.90 NIS instead of 28.00 NIS, Starkist tuna in oil / water 4 * 160 g - New Price: 22.90 NIS instead of 24.90 NIS, 500g price 11.90 NIS instead of 13.90 NIS, Chicken sausage castle deer 1 kg - New Price: 23.90 NIS instead of 40.90 NIS, Squeezed Prigat Juice 2 liter - New price: 22.90 NIS instead of 29.90 NIS, Philadelphia cheese 175 grams - New Price: 14.90NIS instead of 17.90 NIS , Strawberry Actimel Family Package - New Price: 29.90 NIS instead of 32.30 NIS, Lurpak Spreadable 250 grams - New Price: 16.90 NIS instead of 18.90 NIS, Symphony Cheese Garlic 5% 200 g - New Price: 11.00 NIS instead of 12.40 NIS etc.

Tiv Ta'am Supermarkets: Launching A Free Membership Club

Tiv Ta'am is a publicly held company operating in the food retail sector as well as in the import, manufacture, marketing, sale and distribution of food products. The company has about 1,750 employees.

Tiv Ta'am offers unique products, culinary specialties, shopping experience, opening hours and everything at a competitive price. The group also operates the Eden Teva chain, Israel's leading health food retailer, selling healthy, organic and natural foods.

In the field of import, manufacture and marketing of food products, the group includes the Mizra delicatessen plant located in Kibbutz Mizra, the leading plant in Israel to produce and process fresh and frozen meat as well as sausages. The group holdings also include: Israco, The Scottish Trading & Marketing Co. and Snapir Yam specializing in purchasing, importing, marketing, selling and distributing meat, fish, cheese, dry goods, wine and alcohol, kosher and non-kosher products that are marketed to thousands of retail and catering businesses.



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