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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tu B'Shvat 2022: Festive Apiaries

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In preparation for the Israeli "Arbor Day", the Honey Council is inviting the public to enjoy activities in beehives around the country, learn about the importance of honey plants for preserving bee life, taste varietal honey products whose flavors are impacted by the different types of flowers they are made from, observe a real hive, meet beekeepers and learn about the importance of the bees in pollination of vegetable flowers and fruits that become a sweet plant-based food.

Tu B'Shvat 2022: Festive Apiaries
Photo Credit: Ophir Farm in Alon Hagalil taken by Adva Ophir

Opi Reich, CEO of the Honey Council: "This year is a sabbatical year, in which we do not plant, and next year we will renew the joint project of the Honey Council and the Jewish National Fund, to strengthen the planting of honey plants (i.e. trees and shrubs with nectar) that serve as food for the bees, throughout the country. This project was created to preserve the bee industry and attempts to eradicate, as much as possible, the phenomenon of bee disappearance, whose primary reason for this phenomenon is the depletion of bee food. We are invite the general public to visit the apiaries, taste honey and enjoy educational and enriching activities for the whole family that explain the importance of honey plants."

Apiaries to Visit on Tu B'Shvat

The "Hakol Dvash" apiary at Yesod Ha'Maala - On Tu B'shvat, the beekeeper Amit Yosef invites you to an activity in the apiary - tastings of honey made from the Galilee flowers, a film about the world of the bees and a tour of the honey factory departments. For reservations: 050-9518181.

The "Dvorat HaTavor" Apiary in Moshav Shadmot Dvora - On Tu B'Shavt, the apiary will hold an activity that includes an explanation of the importance and critical contribution of honey bees to the pollination of trees and plants in agriculture and nature, a visit to the honey extraction site and the Bees Observatory where visitors will see thousands of bees returning from the fields, a tour of the silk growing hall and creative activities for children. For reservations: 04-6769598, 050-5637645.

"Ophir" farm in Alon Hagalil - located in the heart of a pleasant grove are an apiary, a boutique winery and a vineyard. Ophir's farm will hold tastings of varietal honey, wine and cheeses. For reservations: 04-9861466.

"Mikhmanim Honey" apiary - beekeepers Roni and Rocky Rak, invite you to a guided tour of the extraction facility, workshops and honey tasting. For reservations: 052-2476768.

"Yaarat HaDvash" apiary in Alonei Abba - for Tu B'Shvat the apiary is offering guided tours, activities for children, wearing a beekeeper's suit, honey purchasing and more. For reservations: 054-4437402.

"HaCaveret Beit Horon" - for Tu B'Shvat meet with a beekeeper, tour the apiary, art activities, a transparent hive, an explanation of the process of extraction and the importance of the pollination activity of the honey bee. For reservations: 02-5458856.

The "BEEBAR Honey Bus" of the Mordechai Golan apiary in Moshav Gilat in the Negev - there will be a tour of the apiary and direct purchase of a variety of honey from the flowers of the northern and western Negev. For reservations: 052-7772291.

"Porat Apiary" - Moshav Ein Yahav in the Central Arava Region - the apiary will introduce visitors to the wonderful world of the honey bee - including explanations of the importance of honey plants in the Arava and in Israel in general. In the museum space in the visitors' center, exhibits from the world of the desert and the apiary and close-up photographs from the world of the bee are displayed. The tour goes through the extraction facility, a film about the world of bees and honey tasting. In addition, there will be a children's show in Hebrew. On 20.1.2021 an outdoor performance by Hemi Rodner will take place in the spacious sculpture garden of Checha Porat near the apiary. A 'Pizza-Bar' on site will serve beer, drinks and pizza from the oven on the bar. For reservations: 058-5666032.

The hives will operate in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. It is recommended to arrange arrival in advance.

Happy Tu B'Shvat!


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