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Yeruham: Sukkot Festivities 2021

Hi there,

The Yeruham Economic Development Company and Yeruham Tourism invite you to experience the upcoming holidays in Yeruham. The activities will take place according to the applicable Ministry of Health guidelines.

WHEN: Sept 22-23, 2021

Yeruham: Sukkot Festivities 2021
Photograph: Shirat HaKochavim

Pampas Picking Workshop and Tour at the Gilgulim Studio

The pampas, a beautiful grain plant can be used to design beautiful enduring bouquets to decorate your home or office that do not require further attention. As part of the workshop, we will go on a tour to pick pampas grass, learn about the different species and where you can find and pick them in your area. We will learn how to pick properly while preserving nature, different methods for proper drying and tips for weaving with more local vegetation and preserving the bouquet naturally. During the tour, it will be possible to purchase second-hand vases from the studio's collection of vases at very discounted prices.

Where? Gilgulim Studio - The exact waze location will be sent before the tour to the participants

When? 23/9 between at 10:30-11:30

Price: 60 NIS per participant. 120 NIS per family.

For more details and registration. Meital: 052-3262842.

Bird Watching Towards Sunset - JNF Wings Center

Join a bird watching tour at sunset in Lake Yeruham Park. The guide will give each participant binoculars and together you will discover the magical world of birds. Do not miss an opportunity to look at the birds up close, notice their spectacular colors and structure and hear fascinating stories about their world.

Suitable for ages 3 and up, it is recommended to arrive in closed shoes.

Where? Lake Yeruham Park

When? 22/9, 24/9 from 18:00-19:00

Price: 20 NIS per participant. You can buy a family card for 60 NIS.

For more details and registration. Phone: 051-2367497

Light Traps - Duchifat Birding and Ecology Center in Yeruham

In a tiger trap, you capture tigers, in a mouse trap, you capture mice, but in a light trap - no light is captured. With the light traps you will attract a variety of insects and other arthropods, some familiar and most of them new and intriguing. The meeging will take place on a mat, with tea and cookies, next to a lighted sheet so that you'll get to know up close all the tiny critters that are usually hidden from view.

Where? At the entrance to Lake Yeruham Park.

When? 23/9 between the hours of 20: 00-22: 00.

Price: 50 NIS per participant (age 3 and up).

For more details and registration: Yoram Tzvik, 054-4761761.

Night Safari - a UV Family Experience in the Scorpion Capital of Israel - Duchifat Birding and Ecology Center in Yeruham

The guided tour of a magical night safari will introduce us to the night creatures using powerful flashlights, sound detectors and UV flashlights to detect scorpions in the dark. Yoram Tzvik, a scorpion researcher, will tell us about the intriguing life of the creature we are all afraid of and will reveal to us other, less frightening aspects. In the tour we will get to see the scorpions up close, learn about their ecology and their special behaviors, learn about their venom and their great importance to man and the environment. During the tour you can take spectacular pictures of the scorpions in various siturations, in the middle of their dinner, in defensive situations, in a mesmerizing courtship dance and even view cannibalism. In addition to scorpions, we meet other nocturnal creatures - using sound detectors, we will call the insect bats and will also meet spiders of various species, including net builders and wolf spiders with glowing eyes.

Where? At the entrance to Lake Yeruham Park.

When? 22-23/9 between 19:45-21:00

Price: 50 NIS per participant (age 3 and up).

For more details and registration. Yoram Tzvik, 054-4761761

Starry Nights in the Yeruham Crater

The Shirat Kochavim guides will take you on a celestial tour telling the stories from the evolution of astronomy to the great discoveries of our time.

With the help of laser beams that almost touch the stars, you will get to know some of twinkling stars and constellations, find your zodiac sign and understand what the zodiac is in general and learn how to easily locate the North Star. In the second part of the tour you will be able to observe the celestial bodies through a telescope. The tour includes hot herbal tea to keep you warm in the chill night air.

Where? Yeruham Crater. Exact location will be transferred to registrants, self-arrival with private vehicle

When? Every evening on Chol Hamoed weekdays there will be 2 tours: 19:30-21: 00 and 21:15-22:45. Saturday & Holidays - 21:00-23:00. There will be no observations on Friday.

Price: 80 NIS per ticket. Payment from age 3 and up. There will also be a special guidance for children up to the age of 10.

For more details and registration.

Recycling Workshops - Owls - with Suit-Case Studio

The couple, Keren and Daniel, an interior designer and architect with a great love for recycling and handicrafts, invite you to join them for an experiential workshop for the whole family to create a recycled owl. During the workshop you will receive a kit from which you can create an owl of your own design.

Each participant will receive a kit with the different parts from which he can build his owl including recycled wood and various tools.

Where? Waze

When? 22/9 between 11:00-13:00

Price: 45 NIS per participant

For more information and registration: Keren 054-7001181.

Friday at Zuak - A Moroccan Tile Design Workshop

A celebration of Moroccan art in the heart of the desert. Zuak studio awaits you during the week of Sukkot with a variety of Moroccan tile design workshops for the whole family. During the workshop, each participant will design a personal Moroccan tile using Zuak's unique technique. The work is fun and satisfying, does not require experience and is suitable for everyone (from age 5 and up).

In the beautiful studio there is a gallery shop for Moroccan-style art and lifestyle products, as well as a variety of Moroccan art kits for independent creation later at home. Sweet and delicious Moroccan tea will also be served.

Where? Studio Zuak, Yeruham.

When? During the week the studio will be open between 9:00-15:00. On Friday and holiday eves - 9:00-12:30. The workshop lasts about an hour and a half.

Price: 120 NIS per participant, 95 NIS for a child under the age of 10.

For more details and registration: Meital - 055-5694546.

Glentz Beer Tasting Workshop

You are invited to get to know the fascinating world of beer in Yeruham over a glass of Glentz beer. If you have asked yourself: how to make beer, who were the first to produce beer commercially, how the hops cones affect taste, how one can tell how much alcohol will be in the beer, what is the difference between lager and ale, how Belgian beers are characterized and what are the German beer laws you'll be able to receive an answer to all your questions at the workshop.

In the workshop you will get to taste and learn about four types of cold and delicious Glentz beer and also hear a few stories about Yeruham all in the comfort of a spacious living room. The workshop lasts about 45 minutes.

Where? 68 Nahal Tzin, Yeruham.

When? The week of Sukkot 22-24/9/2021, between the hours of 11:00 - 15:00.

Price: 50 NIS per person. Pre-registration is required.

For more details and registration: Yael 052-6705523.

Lantern Tour - JNF Wings Center

Join a lantern tour at Lake Yeruham Park. The guide will hand out a lantern to each participant and together you will discover the magical world of the desert at night. Do not miss an opportunity to learn about the nocturnal animal world, desert life and how animals and humans have adapted to desert conditions.

Suitable for ages 3-4 and up, it is recommended to arrive in closed shoes.

Where? Lake Yeruham Park

When? 23/9 from 19:30-20 30

Price: 20 NIS per participant. You can buy a family card for 60 NIS.

For more details and registration. Phone: 051-2367497

Bird Ringing - JNF Wings Center

The migratory birds stop for several hours or days to rest. Some even stay for an entire season. During a ringing activity, the birds are caught for a few minutes, measured and marked using an identification ring before releasing them again.

Join us at the research station, learn about the birds, see how we mark them and even help us release them.

Suitable for ages 4 and up.

Where? Lake Yeruham Park

When? 22-23/9 from 07:30--09:30

Price: 25 NIS per participant. You can buy a family card at a cost of 70 NIS.

For more details and registration. Phone: 051-2367497.

Yeruham Tour Between Crater and Lake by Atid Bamidbar

Get to know the city, its wonderful story and the magical landscapes around Yeruham on a tour between the crater and the lake with the skilled guides of Atid Bamidbar. The tour will take place in private cars and in it

You will reach Hagar's Well (Bir Rakhma), Lake Yeruham, Yeruham Dam with explanations, history and zionism. The tour will then continue into the city and at the end, you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Yeruham Crater from Mount Avnon. The tour lasts two to three hours and will combine their personal story and tconnection to the city. If there are many children, kites will also be built and flown.

Where? Atid Bamidbar House, 2 Nahal Tzin, Yeruham

When? 22-23/9 between 14:00-17:00

Price: 30 NIS per participant. For every 7 participants, 1 for free.

For more information and registration: Shai, 050-5914174.

A tour of Yeruham and Surroundings - Avilana Tours

A tour of Yeruham and its immediate surroundings with a local guide. You will meet at Lake Yeruham Park and walk along the North Bank. At an observation post you will discover how the lake was created in the early 1950s and heard about its development, from then until today. In the town, we will walk, from the point where Yeruham was established and will continue on selected streets in the old neighborhoods occasionally stopping in shady seating areas. Avi Ben Zaken, a Yeruham local, will tell you the story of the town seasoned with the stories of the various aliyahs, from 1951 to the present day. You will talk about the present and the future and meet one of Yeruham's veterans for a conversation.

The tour will continue to Yeruham Crater, where at a spectacular vantage point you will hear how the unique geological phenomenon was created. The tours can include stops at the "Fossil Trunks" site, the "Colored Sands" site, the En Yorqe`am canyon, the Yemin channel and a spectacular view of the "small crater".

The tour is suitable for children from the age of 4 and adults.

Where? The location of the tour will be according to the section chosen by the participants - Pesel HaZehut Garden / Lake Yeruham Park / Yeruham Crater.

When? On weekdays, between 6:00- 17:00. A tour lasts at least two hours.

Price: 330 NIS per hour (or part of it that is over 15 minutes) - per group.

Desert Escape Park, Cycling, Karting and Segway - Vitamin-C

At Vitamin-C, located in Lake Yeruham Park, you can rent dirt bikes or family bikes, Segways or GoKarts for independent riding on the trails and promenade around the beautiful Lake Yeruham. During the ride you will enjoy a view of the park and the lake, against the background of the desert soil and the green trees, a unique and spectacular view of an oasis that attracts many animals and especially winged animals at this time of year.

You can also enjoy a challenging family game that invites you to decipher the secret formula and save Lake Yeruham.

Where? Vitamin-C park at the entrance to Lake Yeruham Park.

When? During weekdays between 08:30-18:00. On Friday from 08:30-13:30

Price: 45-150 NIS, Escape Park: 240 NIS per family.

For more details and registration: 054-7959237.

The "Stage for Creation" Workshop

In the workshop you will build musical instruments, decorate them and learn to play. In the workshop you will receive simple kits to assemble and decorate the instruments as you wish. Later, an orchestra will be formed, with everyone participating. There are a variety of tools for different ages. The workshop is suitable from the age of 3 and up including youth and adults.

Where? 16 Nahal Hatira, Yeruham.

When? 22/9/21 from 10:00-18:00

Price: 45 minutes (for children) 190 NIS for up to 5 participants, 240 NIS for 10.

An hour and a half (youth and adults) 420 NIS for up to 5 participants, 570 to 10.

For more information and registration. Kara - 052-3903306

Musitation - A Workshop for Adults

Nurit Somer, meditation workshop facilitator and Kara Aharon, pianist and creator, invite you to a unique experience of connecting to the inner world. The journey includes meditation, movement, inspiration cards and reflection and is accompanied by calm music. We will relax, be free, find the quiet place we have built and strengthen our psychic powers.

Where? SHE WORK complex Yeruham

When? 22/9/21 from 19:00-21:30

Price: 140 NIS

For more information and registration. Kara - 052-3903306.



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