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Hi there!

My name is Talma. I work in the pharmaceutical industry, but also love traveling. Hence the blog.

Over the years I have traveled a lot with my family and believe I can suggest wonderful trips for other families that include a range of activities for varying ages. What I believe you will find useful is that you will be able to gather a number of posts, each proposing an itinerary for a trip that will facilitate the planning of your visit to Israel. I will do my best to propose itineraries that will make your stay in Israel memorable.

As a caring mom of two, I am also quite keen on the educational aspect. When planning a trip, I usually try to integrate something instructive along with the fun. Israel has such a beautiful culture and there is so much to learn, see and taste. To name a few, Israel has an abundance of archeological findings ranging from prehistoric remains throughout biblical times till today. In addition, the natural landscape is diverse and full of beautiful phenomena such as The Dead Sea, Karst caves, basalt formations, and crater pits to name a few. The cultural melting pot of Jews who came from all over the world on top of the other ethnicities that live in Israel have each contributed to the multitude of customs and delicious cuisine and have led to the modern hi-techy Israel as we know it today. I’d like to share the beauty with you.

Let’s get started!

You are welcome to start by viewing my posts that appear on the 'trips' page. Cultural events can be found on the 'lifestyle' page. Also, please don’t hesitate to comment or write to me directly using the 'contact' page. Furthermore, you are welcome to subscribe to receive membership benefits, such as discounts and an upcoming events bulletin.

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