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Jerusalem: The Museum of Nature Exhibiting 'Ark'

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The Nature Museum in Jerusalem attracts nature lovers from all over the country and the world. It allows visitors (children and adults) to learn in an experiential and fun way about nature and the environment. The museum has a very impressive zoological collection, including the lion and the lioness, experiential activities in natural medicine, animal care, a community garden and more.

In the 'Ark' exhibition that is opening on October 1st, artist Anat Proper Goldenberg explores the interaction between man and his environment. The exhibition includes a space-dependent installation, video work combined with sound work, an installation and a series of photographs.

In 2017, about a decade after she began compiling the exhibition, the artist embarked on a 3-week journey to the North Pole in the company of eight Inuit hunters and returned with a set of raw materials to complete her project.

WHEN: Opening Thursday, 1 Oct 2020 at 20:00 till 18 Dec 2020. Admission is FREE!

Jerusalem: The Museum of Nature Exhibiting 'Ark'
Credit: Anat Proper Goldenberg

In many ways, Proper Goldenberg foresaw the situation that humanity is experiencing today. The work combines mediums of painting, sculpture, sound and video. The combined mediums create an extended multi-sensory experience that mediates the fragility of our very being.

The exhibition is a beacon that signals and warns of the "malignant disease" that is spreading and exacerbating, threatening to nullify our existence as humanity - namely, pollution. Our lives on earth leave deep traces. Pollution spreads throughout the air, the sea and on land. The exhibition deals with our value perception, our hidden and revealed desires and in the ways in which we choose to realize them. It is an ongoing reference to the global epidemic, which is growing at a rapid rate of disasters and neglect. The same world that has passed the point of no return. We are facing a new era - environmental damage that occurs at ever shorter times and moral damage that threatens personal, political, and political security. Damages to the economy and livelihoods, employment and education.

The Museum of Nature in Jerusalem is the first stop on the journey of this total creation that is intended to be placed in front of sites around the world, which are the focus and cause of ecological, social, economic and moral adversity. Proper Goldenberg conducts identification and mapping of geographical points that require "enlightenment" of their situation - whether they are polluting industrial entities, financial entities that create extreme class disparities or whether they are centers of illegal employment. The whole work is designed to illuminate their situation and gain the public's attention to these issues.

Anat Proper Goldenberg (born in London, 1971) is a multidisciplinary artist and environmental activist, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design who has presented solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad.


The Museum of Nature in Jerusalem

6 Rabbi Shmuel Mohliver Street, German Colony, Jerusalem


Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 - 13:30

Monday, Wednesday, 8:30-18:00



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