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Alvin Ailey – American Dance Theatre Returning to Israel

Hi there,

I'm happy to share with you that the beloved American dance company is returning to Israel for the fourth time as part of the dance season at the Opera House in Tel Aviv.

The company will present two diverse programs, one based on works created by Alvin Ailey alone and another combined with works by various choreographers, including some created especially for the company's dancers and showcasing the talent and uniqueness of the dancers of this dance company. Each program will end with the performance of Alvin Ailey's masterpiece "Revelations".

Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey, one of the most prominent artists in the world of American and global dance, established a unique and revolutionary company, that gave a stage and expression to dancers of African American origin as well as dancers of other ethnic origins. In his work, Alvin Ailey delved into the depths of African-American culture, bringing it to the stage in all its glory and beauty.

He created dozens of works in which he used music created by African-American composers, the culmination of which were two iconic works. The first, "crying", a solo he created for soloist Judith Jameson and dedicated to all mothers. The second, "Revelations" is a series of dances based on African-American gospel songs, a work that over the years has become a favorite masterpiece performed in every performance of the band. The inspiriing work ends with the piece "Rocka My Soul In The Bosom Of Abraham", in which the audience joins clapping from their seats.

WHEN: Six performances starting September 19th, 2023.

WHERE: Shlomo Lahat Cheech Opera House Tel Aviv-Yafo

Alvin Ailey – American Dance Theatre  Returning to Israel
Credit: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Kyle Abraham's "Are You in Your Feelings". Photo by Paul Kolnik

The Two Programs


Includes four works by Alvin Ailey

Night Creatures

A wonderful tribute to Duke Ellington's symphonic music.


Ailey's iconic solo, dedicated to all African-American mothers everywhere.

The River

Ailey's allegory of birth, life and rebirth with music by Duke Ellington. It is Ellington's first symphonic work specifically for dance and performed by the entire band. The two worked closely throughout work on the piece.


A dance to African-American gospel songs, in an iconic work that explores on the one hand the deepest pain and celebrates on the other hand the divine exaltation of the soul.


In a Sentimental Mood

A world premiere of choreographer and dancer Jamar Roberts. Intimate moments in a couple's life become a manifestation of love and passion. To music by Duke Ellington. and four jazz standards reworked by composer Rafiq Bhatia.


A work created by the company's artistic director, Robert Battle, a sensual duet to the sound of music by French composer Gustave Charpentier

Are You in Your Feelings?

A new work by choreographer Kyle Abraham. A celebration of black culture, black music and the youthful spirit ingrained in us all. To the sounds of soul, hip hop and R&B music, for over 30 minutes the work bridges music, interpersonal communication and personal memories.


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Milestones

The band made its debut in 1958 in New York. Two years later his masterpiece "Revelations" was created. In 1962 the band embarked on its first international tour.

In 1963, the band formed its first collaboration with composer and pianist Duke Ellington, the same year in which a young dancer named Judith Jamison saw the company for the first time in her hometown of Philadelphia. Two years later, she joined the company and became one of its most prominent and recognizable dancers during her 15 years as a dancer and soloist in the company. In 1966, Alvin choreographed "Metropolitan Opera". The production starred African-American singer Leontine Price. In 1968, the band performed at the White House at the invitation of President Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1970 the band embarked on a historic tour of the Soviet Union and Ailey won a variety of awards in the United States. In 1977, the band performed at Jimmy Carter's inauguration. In 1980, the band moved to its own home in New York City, and two years later the school working alongside it received recognition. In 1984, Jamison created for the first time for the band. In 1985, the band embarked on a historical tour of China. In 1988, Ailey received the Kennedy Cultural Center award in Washington, D.C.

In 1989, at the age of 58, Alvin Ailey passed away from complications of AIDS, After several decades of creativity which he also created in Israel for the Bat Dor troupe in Israel, the company parted ways with its founder and Judith Jamison became its artistic director.

After his passing, new works entered the band's repertoire and it performed at President Clinton's inaugural ball. The band performed at the opening performance of the Atlanta Olympics, and with the lifting of the boycott of South Africa, the band performed there for the first time. In 1999, the band won an Emmy Award for a special program dedicated to Ailey's work. In 2002, the new center of the band and school in Manhattan was inaugurated, in the presence of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In 2004, the United States Post Office issued a stamp commemorating Ailey.

In 2009, one evening after moving into the White House, the Obamas came to watch the band's performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington.

In 2012, choreographer Robert Battle took over as the company's artistic director and today he is joined by dancer Matthew Rushing.

65 years after its formation, the band continues to perform all over the United States and the world.

Alongside the main company, there are other organizations including the young company Alvin 2, dance learning centers, and many activities that are held under the auspices of the company all over the United States, and the center in New York is only growing and developing.

Alvin Ailey's spirit continues to beat years after his death.


Alvin Ailey - American Dance Theatre

In two different programs

Opening performance of the dance season at the Shlomo Lahat Cheech Opera House Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tuesday 19/9/2023 at 20:00 Plan B (A Sold Performance)

Wednesday 20/9/2023 at 20:00 Plan A

Thursday 21/9/2023 at 20:00 Plan B

Friday 22/9/2023 at 13:00 Plan Band 21:00 Plan A

Saturday 23/9 12:00 Plan A

Saturday 23/9/2023 at 18:00 Plan B

You can purchase tickets on the Israel Opera website or via Phone: 03-6927777

Ticket prices: 195 - 395 NIS

Production in Israel: Shmuel Zemach Ltd. - Yoav Zemachuri Ofer



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