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  • Talma Gotteiner

Lego Park Holon: Family Fun

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

This summer is turning out to be the best summer ever! Last week, I was invited to write about the grand exhibit ‘Lego Park Holon’ that will be operating throughout the months of July and August 2018. LEGO International has focused its big summer event on a "Building the City of the Future" theme based on its LEGO City brand, the largest category in the Lego area by building a futuristic and advanced Israeli city of 3 million cubes in Holon. The center of the large city complex boasts a striking and powerful attraction called "Tower of Dreams", which is being presented for the first time in Israel! The Lego park is suitable for families and children up to the age of 12. That being said, I took my six-year-old buddy and went to ‘Lego Park Holon’.

Lego Park Holon Entrance

Lego and Lego City, have chosen to place the "Building the City of the Future" exhibit, at the height of the summer vacation in Holon's indoor and air-conditioned Toto Hall. The huge park complex was built on 3,000 square meters and includes a: Dream Tower, innovative skyscrapers, street signs, cafes, restaurants, fire stations, police and more. The minute you enter the hall you are transferred to an exciting and colorful city made up entirely of Lego, of course.

Lego Park Holon Inside

In the vast park there are a variety of activities creatively designed to match the theme of "Building the City of the Future" that includes: a giant wheel, a train, a carousel, a bungee, a central lagoon area with a playground, a PlayStation and Xbox Box, a futuristic playground for toddlers, a coffee shop and more. I let my buddy choose the activities.

In addition, a Lego Model Exhibition will be presented by children who will be invited to build the future city of Lego while a panel of judges will choose the winning model that will bestow upon the child and his family a trip that will be remembered for life in the legendary Legoland adventure park in California.

Lego Park Holon

In short, the top attractions of ‘Lego Park Holon’ are as follows:

  • The Dream Tower - A skyscraper tower, with a crane and an array of three giant Lego-like arms. The children visiting the site will be able to lay Lego blocks in the conveyor belts that will raise the blocks to the tower - thus becoming active partners in Israel's future industry and building the city of the future. This activity at Lego Park expresses the values ​​of the old Danish society: creativity, constant innovation and forward thinking that combine a perfect experience for the entire family, which they have shared for many generations since 1932, when the Lego blocks were invented by a Danish carpenter.

  • Graffiti Wall - a huge wall of Lego rectangles placed at the entrance to the park, invites guests to create their own Lego graffiti.

  • Luna Park – a huge carousel with an impressive new wheel to be launched in the city of Lego.

  • Police Station - Police figures from the LEGO City police station will maintain law and order. Children will be able to drive unique yellow cars throughout the park.

  • Bungee - Designed as an 8-meter-high "scaffolding" this feature will enable children to experience a particularly exciting bungee jump.

  • Lego building for children - The children are provided with helmets and vests of builders and will experiment with creating and assembling gigantic LEGO blocks with all the popular characters including: Ninja, Batman, Lego Friends, Spider-Man and Princesses.

  • Friends Castle - a charming Lego rectangular castle will be built in the park, designed with chandeliers and mirrors which that contain costumes of characters and princesses for the free use of children that can be photographed as souvenirs.

  • A Creative Complex - a place where children can use their imagination and express their creative talent in designing Lego cubes from cardboard boxes.

  • City Park - the toddlers section that includes a coffee shop, pool balls, mattresses, slides, swings and other fun surprises.

  • Electric train for toddlers

  • The PlayStation 4 and Xbox Area - a plasma-screen platform complex with LEGO's popular interactive computer games.

  • LEGO - Human-sized Lego figures will circulate among the visitors and will be photographed with them as an unforgettable souvenir.

Lego Park Holon

Lego Holon Park will be held from July 14th, 2018 to Sept. 1st, 2018 in the Toto Hall Holon, La Park compound in Peres Park, Holon.

Prices for this summer's exhibit:

Early sale price: 99 NIS

Regular ticket price: 119 NIS

Deals: 1 + 1 purchase through all credit card companies.

‘Hatzi Hinam’ supermarket chain price: 49 NIS.

Free Parking

Open: Sunday - Thursday 9:00-19:00, Friday 9:00-15: 00, Saturday 9: 00-19:00

Enjoy your family time!



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