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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv Port: A Lego Exhibition by Sean Kenney

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

I was invited to a Lego exhibition last week, courtesy of Gil-ad Tadmit and I am happy to share my impressions with you.. For the first time in Israel an international Lego artist by the name of Sean Kenney is exhibiting in Tel Aviv. Kenney holds the rare title of "LEGO Certified Professional", which, apart from Kenney, is held by only 13 international artists. After 10 years in the field of graphics, Kenney decided to expand his horizons and reinvented himself with LEGO blocks and lots of creativity. The exhibition will be held between 26.7.2018-31.8.2018.

Sean Kenney Lego Exhibition Tel-Aviv Port

Since his international breakthrough as a Lego expert, he has exhibited in numerous countries in North America, Asia and Europe, has published nine award-winning children's books and has presented his works in the world's leading newspapers: The New York Times, The Washington Post and BBC. Art. " Among other things, his Lego exhibition was awarded at Lonely Planet as "an amazing exhibition". Sean Kenney currently lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York.

Sean Kenney Lego Exhibition Tel-Aviv Port

The exhibition in Israel, is displaying a collection of about 25 exhibits, chosen from a wide variety of subjects, including entertaining works for children, an architectural model of Times Square in New York and the famous work of GROWING IDEAS: a large tree model that took around 18 months to design and is made up of 380,000 Lego blocks.

Sean Kenney Lego Exhibition Tel-Aviv Port

The exhibition will be divided into interactive areas for the whole family:

  • A robotic activity zone containing ~40 operating stations that is recommended for ages 7 and up.

  • A technical complex that includes a collection of tools and vehicles of all times. The collection includes extremely rare models, Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL) models with operational points for the visitors and challenging routes for Jeeps.

  • A robotic Lego Mindstorm complex - the largest interactive city collection in Israel. With the participation of LEGO artists from Israel and abroad.

  • A virtual reality zone where viewers will be able to travel within the Lego City collection in 3D.

  • A Lego shop with rare Lego models at special prices. After the exhibition, visitors will be able to purchase the artist's LEGO exhibits. Such as LEGO lamps, LEGO bikes, LEGO images and more. In addition, the exhibits will be sold from the miniature LEGO exhibition.

Sean Kenney Lego Exhibition Tel-Aviv Port

When: 26.7.2018-31.8.2018

Where: Federation Hall, Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port

Open: Sunday - Thursday: 08:30-20:00, Fridays: 08:30-16:00, Saturdays: 08: 30-19:30

Phone: 3942* (

Price: 69 NIS per ticket, 250 NIS for a family card of 4 – children up to the age of 2 are free of charge. You can find offers through the various companies as well.



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