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Jerusalem: A Preview on the 'Manofim' Contemporary Art Festival

Updated: May 6, 2020

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Manofim Festival, which launches the exhibition season in Jerusalem, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with dozens of fascinating art events – new exhibition, performances, musical events, film screenings, tours, conferences, parties, workshops, and more. Details and photographs were provided courtesy of Hadas Shapira PR.

When: 23 Oct 2018 - 27 Oct 2018.

Where: Every evening, the Festival will move to a different part of Jerusalem

How Much: All festival events are open to the public free of charge

Manofim, Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival

Manofim Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival, which launches the exhibition season in Jerusalem, is marking a decade of activity with dozens of gallery opening events, and a host of special events and shows, all open to the general public free of charge.

Founded and directed by Lee He Shulov and Rinat Edelstein, Manofim Festival addresses the human, public, historical, and contemporary complexity of Jerusalem through the works of artists working in diverse disciplines. Each year, the Festival events take place in various areas and unique display venues throughout the city.

This year, Manofim Festival opens on October 23rd with the main exhibition, Properties, which unfolds the multifaceted historical story of the beautiful Jerusalemite neighborhood Talbiya. The exhibition will be displayed throughout the neighborhood, in private homes and public buildings, some of which will open to the general public for the first time.

Manofim, A Contemporary Art Festival in Jerusalem

Festival events include dozens of exhibition openings every evening in another part of Jerusalem (see below), the Jerusalem Art Conference at Hansen House, meetings with artists in their studios in Talpoit Industrial Area, the Festival’s musical program The Mixer presents a series of site specific shows around Jerusalem, merging East and West under the musical direction of DJ Ramzy with: HaYelala featuring Armenian Eastern Jerusalem musician Apo, Hoodna Orchestra featuring Zimbabwean artist in residence Tinofireyi Zhou, S H I R A N featuring Yossi Fine, and a tribute to the Lebanese indie band Mashrou' Leila, parties into the small hours of the night in galleries at the city center, the launch of the "Victory Image" issue of Harama digital art magazine and more. As part of the Festival, LowRes Jerusalem Artists' Studios residency program will host artists Aleksandra Wilczynska (Poland) and Tinofireyi Zhou (Zimbabwe).

The Festival takes place with the support of Beracha Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Jerusalem, Municipality, Jerusalem Foundation, Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, Eden, and Manofim Friends Association.

Manofim, A Contemporary Art Festival in Jerusalem

Exhibitions Index

24/10/18 20:00 Vision Gallery Macedonia 1971 Neil Folberg In 1971, Neil Folberg spent six months living and photographing in Macedonia, then part of Yugoslavia. Folberg photographed the land and people in villages, towns, in their homes, in the streets and fields, funded by a grant from the University of California, Berkeley. The government of Macedonia subsequently banned Folberg and censored his photographs. This is the first exhibition of this series since 1974. 18 Yosef Rivlin St. Mon-Thu 13:00-19:00 Through: 6/12/2018

24/10/18 20:00

Artshelter gallery Women Section Nomi Tannhauser, Sara Cutler Naomi Tannenhauser and Sarah Kotler come together for a joint exhibition that looks directly at women in Haredi society. The exhibition forms an important layer in processing the identity of the artists as women in the Israeli, Jerusalemite space, and invites an internal dialogue about presence, visibility, and internalization of social and cultural codes. At the same time, the artists also convey the authenticity in which these women work and live. Curator: Noa Lea Cohn 7 Yehudah Hamaccabi St. Sun, Tue, Thu 17:00-21:00 Through: 27/11/18

24/10/18 20:00

Hansen House - Center for Design Media and Technology

Excavation Mark! Reveal Preserve Glorify

The exhibition looks at the growing tendency of contemporary artists to adopt the “archeological metaphor” as an artistic practice that strives to expose and preserve ideas, objects of research, and different ideologies through the action of excavation. Their action seeks to unravel the threads woven by the patience of historians by multiplying differences, blurring lines of communication, and trying to make the passages more difficult and thus more challenging. Curator: Amit Shemma Artists: Morehshin Allahyari, Ilit Azoulay, Maayan Elyakim, Olivia Hild, Patrick Hough, Roni Karfoil, Jason King, Matan Oren, Peles Empire 14 Gedalyahu Alon St. Sun-Thu 10:00-18:00, Fri 10:00-14:00 Through: 23/11/18

24/10/18 20:00 The Photographic Communications Dept. Gallery, Hadassah Academic College Homes Niv Rozenberg In Homes, Niv Rozenberg presents images from several bodies of work created between 2010-2018. Inspired by the changes in the urban landscape around him, namely New York and Tel-Aviv, he examines this familiar yet unknown environment with a conflicted gaze. His manipulated images create an aesthetic that shifts between photography, architecture, and graphic design, emphasizing color, shape, space, and time. Curator: Sara Kopelman and Doron Altaratz 37 Hanevi'im St. Sun-Thu 10:00-17:00 Through: 22/11/18

24/10/18 20:00

Azrieli Gallery The Prophets - Revelation A new gallery opening soon in the holy city of Jerusalem. Azrieli Gallery - Hadassah Academic College hosts the video artist and VJ Shlomit Yaakov (Mejadra Eyes) for a pre-opening event. A multi-channel spectacle of lights, colors, shapes, and sounds moving between East and West, holy and common, past and future. Curator: Tal Schwartz 39 Hanevi'im St.

Sun-Thu 10:00-19:00, Fri 10:00-13:00 Through: 24/10/18

24/10/18 20:00

The Art Gallery of David Yellin Academic College of Education Medicinal Herbs Esther Cohen, Raafat Hattab In the exhibition, the artists aspire to open channels and react to cyclic cultural rituals. Esther Cohen presents botanical drawings on maps, challenging a deep rooted contemporary debate regarding cultural legacy and traditions that carry on to this day. Raafat Hattab creates installations that combine circular knitting and round ready-made objects, seeking a connection to a center of energy, rehabilitating consciousness of reality. Curator: Nava T. Barazani 7 Maagal Beit Hamidrash St. Sun-Thu 10:00-18:00 Through: 18/12/18

25/10/18 18:00

Agripas 12 Agripas 12 Book / Chapter B The gallery is proud to present Agripas 12’s Artists Book, featuring works by the 16 members of the gallery. The artists were invited to create a series of works that cover four double spreads, without any thematic or medium restrictions. Before the book was bound, some of the works were shown at Agripas 12 Artists Book / Chapter One, held in Makom Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, in May 2018. Curator: Shosh Averbukh Artists: Doron Adar, Alejandra Okret , Max Epstein ,Andy Arnovitz, Lena Zaidel , Oded Zaidel, Leonid Zeiger, Gabi Yair, Michael Yakhilevich Mazal Carmon, Sara Nina Meridor, Rina Peled , Rita Mendes- Flohr, Nadia Adina Rose, Bitya Rosenak, Ruth Schreiber 12 Agripas st. Mon–Thu 16:30-19:30 Fri–Sat 11:00-14:00 Through: 17/11/18

25/10/18 18:00

Marie Gallery Plastik Arts

The plastic dilemma at the end of the second decade of the 21st century: the vast range of polymeric materials and products used in every field of life – and for the rest of our lives vs. the concern for the fate of the Earth. The exhibition offers an artistic and philosophical meditation on the gap between the "magic of synthetic ease” and the weight of its price. Curator: Yanay Geva Participants: Riva Pinski Awadish, Yoel Gilon, Alon Even Paz, Smadar Tsook, Hadar Amit, Shlomo Seri, Rachi Shamir, Roni Barot, Hadassah Berri, Chana Cromer, Meir Reuven Zalevsky, Alex Goldberg, Yaron Mayer, Uri Rauscher, Miri Garmizo 12 Agrippas St. Mon-Thu 16:30-19:30 Fri-Sat 11:00-14:00 Through: 8/11/18

25/10/18 18:00

Beita Gallery Sleepery Reality Ran Slavin Ran Slavin’s solo exhibition suggests rules of physicality that are at odds with what’s happening on the next street. Interweaving partially familiar images, Slavin creates an alternative, digital, or futuristic reality, which may already be here. This is neither Heavenly or Earthly Jerusalem, but one that exists in parallel. What happens in familiar spaces when portals to other worlds are opened? What remains of the human presence, when digitalization is unrestrained? Curator: Avital Naor Wexler 155 Jaffa St. Sun-Thu 9:00-17:00, Fri by appointment Through: 21/11/18

25/10/18 20:00

Ticho House Lifescape: The Work of Anna Ticho Anna Ticho, Dorian Gottlieb This show exhibits the depth and breadth of Anna Ticho's work. Based on the Anna Ticho bequest collection at the Israel Museum, it features drawings and watercolors from her early days as a young girl in Vienna and up to her final works. Dorian Gottlieb debuts a new video work that is both a contemporary response and homage to Ticho's drawings of the Jerusalem hills. In collaboration with the Jerusalem Print Workshop, where a selection of Anna Ticho's etchings will be on display.

Curator: Timna Seligman 10 HaRav Agan St. Sun–Thu 12:00–20:00, Fri 10:00–14:00 Through: March 2019

25/10/18 18:00 Jerusalem Print Workshop Dialogue Sidon Rothenberg and Workshop artists Sidon Rothenberg (1937-2018) was an artist and master printer of engraving. A pillar of the Jerusalem Print Workshop community for over forty years, he was one of the most prominent Israeli engraving printers. The exhibition features some of his last notable series, alongside works by artists with whom he worked, including Igael Tumarkin, Uri Lifschitz, Avraham Ofek, Lea Nikel, Yechiel Shemi, and Sigal Tsabari. Curator: Irena Gordon

Anna Ticho: Rhythms in the Landscape Anna Ticho The Jerusalem Print Workshop, in collaboration with the Israel Museum, presents a selection of landscape etchings by artist Anna Ticho, some of which were created at Workshop in the 1970s. The etchings emphasize the linear quality of Ticho's work, the rhythmic nuances that convey a sense of primordial infiniteness in the Jerusalemite landscape, and the power of the image that oscillates between formation and disintegration. Curator: Irena Gordon 38 Shivtei Israel St. Sun-Thu 08:00-15:00, Fri 10:00-12:00 by appointment Through: 31/12/18

25/10/18 17:00 The Terrace of Muslala Zero. Home. Earth Tami Zori For seven days, artist Tammy Zuri will live on Clal building's rooftop, moving between three simple structures: a sleeping unit, a hosting unit, and a utility unit. Life will be reduced to the absolute minimum. During reception hours, the artist invites guests to talk about mud (earth), life (home), and utopia (zero), and presents dream outlines for other urban lifestyles. The sleeping unit was created by Nati Shamia Ofer. The land eggs were developed by Adamahi. Curator: Matan Israeli 97 Jaffa St., Clal Commerical Center Sun-Thu 9:00-18:00; During the work: Sun-Thu 10:00-13:00, 15:00-19:00 Through: 27/10/18

26/10/18 12:00 Art Cube Artists' Studios The Unmarked Body The exhibition features work by four Israeli passport-holding artists of Palestinian descent who explore themes of sacrifice, homelessness, and metamorphosis, through processoriented, performative practices. Quilliam, the world’s first counter-extremism think tank based in London, and Art Cube Artists’ Studios, a center for contemporary culture in Jerusalem, present an exhibition of performance, film, photography, and installation. Curator: Rachel Maggert Artists: Raida Adon, Hannan Abu-Hussein, Maiada Aboud and Raafat Hattab Through: January 2019

FrieAir Aleksandra Wilczynska FreiAir is an art initiative that takes form of a fictional airline company. It addresses and questions the concept of “freier” (in hebrew “freier” means “sucker”) in Israeli culture, through an experimental collective practice that challenges the current economic system and builds alternative forms of exchange. The exhibition is the culmination of a month long residency including individual and group meetings with visitors and experts, round tables and various installations. Curator: Maria Veits 26 Ha'oman St., 4th floor Mon 10:00-16:00, Wed 10:00-16:00, Tue 12:00-20:00 Fri 10:00-14:00, by appointment Through: 23/11/18

26/10/18 12:00 The New Gallery Artists' Studios Teddy Hall Talk 3 The pop-up exhibition features work by the studios’ resident artists. This time however, it allows them to exceed their private work spaces and continue their practice in the space they all share – a long hallway connecting the different studios on the floor. Aside from the architectural structure of the hallway, the artists were free of limitations, while the random encounters between the works summon surprising dynamics. Curator: Tamar Gispan-Greenberg Artists: Sara Benninga, Revital Cohen, Ella Cohen Vansover, Ayala Fox, Alon Kedem, Ayala Landow, Yonatan Ron , Renata Rivkin, Leon Serfaty 1 Agudat Sport Beitar St., Teddy Stadium (gate 22) Tue 11:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00, Fri 10:00-14:00 Through: 30/11/18

26/10/18 12:00 Vila Contemporary Art Gallery Kelim Meital Kovo Meital Kovo presents a sound installation split between the spaces of the “villa” in Emunah College. Recorded during prayers, the sounds emanate from objects scattered around the space, beckoning visitors to approach them and listen. The minimalist piece functions as a conduit for an unsettling private and communal experience, and invites visitors to linger in the gallery and listen to the frequencies that imbue it. Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen 104 Derech Beit Lehem St. Sun-Thu 11:00-18:00 Through: 7/12/2018

26/10/18 12:00 Studio of Her Own Trees Weep for Rain Yael Serlin Longing leads Serlin to search for personal roots and lost community; not a soul remains to whom she can relate her story. Throughout the month, the space serves as the artist's studio where she imagines elements from her grandmother’s past by digging into albums, creating images based on memory and forgetfulness, truth and fiction. Curator: Gabi Hamburg Fima 15 Elmali'ah St. Tue 15:00-19:00, Fri 10

27/10/18 12:00 Nora Gallery The Holy Creatures Haya Ester From the abyss of the subconscious, where thought is body and body is thought, emerges the motion of the soul. The soul that etches, draws, and conjures The Holy Creatures – the vitality, fluidity, and infinite experience within human being. Haya Ester presents an installation of etchings and woodcuts that materialized from the depths, in a dance of the creating spirit in the creating body. Curator: Dina Hanoch 9 Ben Maimon Av. Sat 11:30-14:00, by appointment Through: 22/12/18

27/10/18 20:00 Hacubia Rina Nikova − Biblical Ballerina Rina Nikova (b. 1898, Russia) immigrated to Palestine in the 1930s. She founded the Yemenite Dance Ensemble, engaged in ethnic and biblical choreography, and explored the link between dance and the land. On her 120th birthday, photographer Guy Raz and the staff of Hacubia curated an exhibition in the dancer’s home, the historical building constructed in the Valley of the Cross in the 1960s, which now houses Hacubia – Place for Art. Curator: Guy Raz Artists: Zvi Oron (Orushkes), Shimon Korbman, Zoltan Kluger, Anna Riwkin-Brick, Yaakov Ben Dov, Nathan Axelrod, David Brainin, Iza Hershkovitz, Noa Raz-Melamed, Leor Grady 13 Yehoshua Yeivin St. Sun-Thu 9:00-17:00, Fri by appointment Through: 13/12/18

Manofim, A Contemporary Art Festival in Jerusalem



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