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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv Jaffa: Illustration Week

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

Mark your calendar! November 15-24 throughout Tel Aviv-Yafo

'Illustration Week', a relatively young art festival in collaboration with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, will be celebrating it's 5th anniversary between November 15-24. This year, the festival will showcase over 50 exhibitions and hundreds of Israeli illustrators, designers and artists. The exhibitions will be taking place in galleries, museums, and alternative venues throughout the city including Old Jaffa, Kiryat Hamelaha area, Rotschild Boulevard, the Eretz Israel Museum and more. Most events are FREE of charge and open to the general public.

Illustration Week Tel-Aviv Jaffa

Illustration Credit: Kostya Permyakov

Tel Aviv Illustration Week has already become a well-known tradition in the Nonstop City, and created a platform for display that did not exist in the past. The festival continues to grow as it incorporates additional artists every year including both veteran and young illustrators, leading academies, independent illustration associations, who chose the event as the appropriate artistic platform for presenting their work in solo or group exhibitions.

Illustrators Itzik Rennert, Amit Trainin and Yana Bokler will take part in an exhibition dealing with family memories; the designer Erez Gavish, Head of the Visual Communication Department at Bezalel, will portray what goes on behind the scenes of Western pop culture in the 1980s; Eda Vardimon Godenson, Vered Kaminsky, Michal Oren, Einat Lider, Kobi Roth and Shirley Bar Amotz will transform two-dimensional images into contemporary three-dimensional works of art; Designer Yaakov Kaufman will present his three-dimensional illustrated interpretation of one of the most kitsch and worn-out symbols - the heart; Shelly Satat and Eilon Kombour from the "Coupleof" shoe brand will collaborate with fashion designer Shachar Avnet, together they will launch a capsule collection that merges illustration, design, art and practicality.

Illustration Week Tel-Aviv Jaffa

Illustration Credit: Urban Sketchers Tel-Aviv

The successful cooperation with Old Jaffa continues this year as well with a special concentration of exhibitions that will take place in the southern part of the city in the Old Jaffa area, the Jaffa Port and the flea market, in cooperation with Atar, a new artists residency program in the Old Jaffa Museum and alleys. 14 exhibitions will open in the area, including: an exhibition that will present the best works of Illustration Week 2018 through 60 light boxes located in the charming Old Jaffa alleys; An exhibition that will depict the future of our homes, bringing together illustrators, architects and designers; An exhibition dedicated to vibrant Tel Aviv nightlife. "Afterschool", a pop-up school for illustrators established last year during Illustration week will relocate to the Old Jaffa Museum and will hold workshops and master classes taught by the best lecturers and illustrators in Israel. In addition, during the illustration week, guided art tours will take place in Jaffa and throughout the city. The tours will be guided by the professional staff of “Talking Art”.

Jaffa Museum Illustration Week Tel-Aviv Jaffa

Additional exhibitions will deal with themes such as; the Israeli bureaucracy that characterizes the lives of many young adults ; A delegation of archeological excavations of Tel Aviv University in Tel Azeka; The deepest fears of Israeli society on all sides of the political map; Illustrations that become live animations using a virtual reality app; The documentation of the city through street fashion; The rich and decadent portrait of Shanghai women through short stories from everyday life; Feminism, equal rights and more. Alongside exhibitions on adults and children's books, a special project will be presented this year at Beit Ariela and at various neighborhood cafes with the title: "Me and My City,” where young illustrator from the Gretz and Hayovel elementary schools in Tel Aviv will present their work.

All the events, exhibitions and various activities will be updated on the illustration week website, accompanied by the drawings by Anat Warshavsky who drew the illustration week rand image. The general public is invited to visit the website and get real time updates on the various events of Illustration Week. For additional details please visit the English website.

Illustration Week, Tel-Aviv Jaffa

Illustration Credit: Citykat Stories



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