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  • Talma Gotteiner

'Moments': A Photography Exhibition of Fashion Producer Motty Reif

Hi there!

I am happy to share with you some information about an artistic social event that took place, an exhibition of photographs from the private collection of Motty Reif called "Moments" in cooperation and sponsorship of the Baram Group.

'Moments' A Photography Exhibition of Motty Reif

The entrepreneur and producer, Motty Reif, has exhibited for the first time, personal photographs of leading moments from his extensive career, for the benefit of the "Women's Spirit" organization and in cooperation with Baram Group.

Reif's works were exhibited for sale to the general public, and the proceeds were dedicated to the "Women's Spirit" organization.

Above: With Motty Reif

The exhibition took place at BARAM CITY PRESS Habarzel Street 6 Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv on Friday 16th of November, between 10:00 - 14:00.

The exhibition was held at the Baram City Press in Ramat Hahayal, which combines a connection between the world of printing and the world of art.

The exhibition "Moments" featured 50 photographs from the private collection of the entrepreneur, producer and social activist for women Motty Reif. A fraction of a second caught in the lens of Reif's telephone camera, portraying his passion for love, women, fashion and pride.

'Moments' Photography Exhibition, Tamar Shwartz CEO of Women's Spirit

Above: With Tamar Shwartz, CEO of Women's Spirit

Each photograph captures a special moment, so that through the observer, the moment is revived. The atmosphere, the message hidden in it and the music playing alongside it are transformed and revived.

A dialogue, unlimited in time was presented for one important goal that is the economic independence of women victims of violence of all sorts.

Each and every one was captured in her moment.

'Moments', A Photography Exhibition by Motty Reif

BARAM CITY PRESS - Baram Group, owned by Guy and Michal Baram, was founded in 1999 and was initiated with the printing of a huge wall publication on the Halacha Bridge, the first of its kind in Israel at the time, using an innovative printing technology that Baram brought to Israel. At the advanced printing house in Ramat Hahayal, that is considered one of the most innovative and advanced digital printing factories in the world, a graphic studio and a large art gallery are integrated.

The City PRESS covers an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters, including a production hall for the most advanced digital printing in Israel, a graphics studio and an art gallery, designed by designer Philippe Bolkia and architect Yoav Messer under the concept "Create While Having Fun". The concept of the City Press is to connect between the world of printing and the world of art. Aside the huge printing machines, contemporary art can be enjoyed.

Baram City Press, 'Moments' Photography Exhibition

Motty Reif, fashion entrepreneur and media personality is one of the most prominent figures in Israel in fashion and a social activist for women. In recent years, he has been responsible for the return of the Tel-Aviv Fashion Week, which takes place each year and presents the best Israeli fashion designers. Over the years he has volunteered in various organizations in various activities for disadvantaged populations. Among his most prominent activities is his connection to the Women's Spirit organization, as president of the organization, which works to restore and strengthen women who have suffered violence and return them to the life and work cycle.

The last fashion week in Tel-Aviv was dedicated to changing the ideal of feminine beauty and promoted the beauty of women of all ages and sizes.

​​Best, Talma

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