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  • Talma Gotteiner

Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble: L'état des Choses

Hi there,

The Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble is returning to Israel for a premiere of their new performance "L'état des choses" (i.e. The State of Things).

"L'état des choses" is a work that looks at our daily habits and the complexity of communication. Its source of inspiration is Michel Foucault's article "The Utopian Body" and is created and performed by the two Israeli and Italian choreographers and dancers Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino.

WHEN: July 13th, July 31st and Sept 12th, 2019 at the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater.

Kaiser Antonino, "L'état des Choses"

The center of creation is the body that tries to express, speak, move and understand where it is.

"The body is the zero point of the world, where the paths and spaces meet, the body is nowhere."

Are we at the starting point or at the end of the road constructed of physical and emotional layers?

Where is the zero point on that path?

Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino have been living and working together since 2002, including six years in Israel. Behind them is a rich experience of working in the field of dance with 20 group works and three duets performed throughout Europe, the US and Israel. Since 2002 they have directed the "Roof" dance center in Duisburg, Germany as guest artists of the city as well as the modern sculpture museum in Ambrose. Avi Kaiser worked closely with Susannah Linke as a dancer and choreographer, creating works in Canada, the United States, Senegal, the Opera of Paris and Zurich. The French Ministry of Culture awarded him the title of Professor of Modern Dance based on his international authority in this field.

Sergio Antonino was invited to create at the Venice Biennale, won the Sakharov Prize, and created several works for the prestigious Paolo Grassi National School in Milan. He received his master's degree in the history of art at the University of La Sapienza in Rome. In their works there is a strong emphasis on the location, the arena in which things take place. In recent years, a large part of their work has been done in the public sphere in cooperation with architects and photographers. One of their leading projects since 2009 is the duet "In Your Place" which brings the dance to the people's home, to the school class, to the Ministry of Labor, or to any other possible space where there is intimacy that allows for different observation of the movement.

TICKETS: L'état des Choses Choreography and dance: Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino Dramaturgy: Sally Ann Friedland Soundtrack: Florian Walter

Premieres July 13, 2019, Saturday, at 21:00 - as part of the Tel Aviv Dance

July 31, 2019, Wednesday, at 21:00 - as part of the 30th anniversary of Suzanne Dellal

September 12, Thursday, at 21:00

Performances take place at the Suzanne Dellal Center - 5 Yehieli Tel Aviv-Jaffa Ticket price: 100 NIS To order tickets: 03-5105656 or on the English Website Best, Talma

Photography: Avishai Finkelstein

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