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Jerusalem: The 28th Puppet Festival

Hi there,

The 28th Jerusalem Puppet Festival is launching this year with a selection of shows and performances from Israel and abroad. Four European countries will participate in the festival this year - Germany, Lithuania, Belgium and The Netherlands. In addition, four Train Theater shows will premier throughout the duration of the festival, special productions, a show tailored for the religious and orthodox audience, shows for youth and evening performances for adults, as well as shows for children and a selection of outdoor performances and special events.

WHEN: Sunday to Thursday 18-22 August 2019 WHERE: The main complex in Liberty Bell Park

Jerusalem: The 28th Puppet Festival

Credit: A sick Day for Morris McGee by Dor Kermi

Initiated and produced by the Train Theater, this unique festival is celebrating its 28th year. It is considered a unique, high-quality festival with an international reputation and a diverse repertoire of shows from all over Israel and abroad. The festival is managed by the CEO of the Train Theater, Yizhar Floresheim and Artistic Director Shahar Marom.

The Jerusalem puppet festival is known for its artistic quality. This year, out of consideration for the high cost of living for families and the festival’s variety of audiences, Liberty Bell park will become the focal point of the festival adding onto the festival events with several offerings of things to do. Every day, from 10:00 to 23:00, visitors will enjoy a variety of activities at the park in addition to the festival shows. In the morning, - free workshops, bubbles, circus shows and more. In partnership with the Youth Authority and Sports Department at Jerusalem Municipality - there will be water games and sports. In the afternoon, the "Village of Fairies and Elves" will open (for a charge) and there will be arts and crafts complexes for parents and children.

Also, within the park, an upgraded food complex will be built at the center of the festival, including a number of food trucks with a diverse kosher menu for families. Lunch, dinner, ice cream and refreshments will be available for purchasing at the trucks throughout the whole day at reasonable prices. At night the complex will turn into an open bar for adults with a DJ party enabling the festival atmosphere to continue into the night.

Jerusalem: The 28th Puppet Festival

Credit: Plastic Heroes Photo by Yair Meyuhas

This year, in addition to shows that will be held at the Liberty Bell Park Amphitheater and The Train Theater, a few larger, more spacious performance halls have been added, such as the Begin Heritage Center and the Jerusalem Music Center in Mishkenot Sha’ananim. They are within walking distance from one another.

The festival program places a special emphasis on entertainment for all ages. You can plan a family day outing at the festival, including shows for kids, outdoor performances for the whole family, food and activities at Liberty Bell Park, afternoon performances for youth and evening performances for adults.

The Train Theater shows for children and the whole family are listed below:

A special production for the festival - outdoor site: "Village of Fairies and Elves" - 20 artists have created a legendary and playful village. At the site there will be many attractions for the whole family: a fairy band, a boutique for elves, an upside-down classroom, an enchanted tree, and much much more.

For children: Festival Premieres: "Summer Rain 5" a special production - the best of creations from the Train Theater’s “Greenhouse,” a training program in artistic puppet theater for children, "Alef-Bet Legend" - a special performance featured at the festival’s premiere; One night, a worker at the Beit Midrash who cannot read discovers that the letters have spread their wings and have left the holy books… "Sounds and Shadows" - a special festival performance - a pre-premiere of an album of children’s songs, with eastern music by the band “Ecoute” in partnership with shadow puppet theater master, Patricia O’Donovan, who will present shadows and characters during the songs. A premiere of the show “A Concert in the Sand” - a Train Theater production - the story of the first concert of the philharmonic orchestra in Tel Aviv. This production will open the festival in a special event in Zedekiah’s Cave and will be performed again for the general audience during the festival.

A very funny performance from Germany - "Dumpu Dinki" - a hand theater show combining live music on a drum set!

Train Theater Performances such as: "Moustache the Cat", "Toto and Friends", "The Hungry Sandwich", "Lost Crown" a special and relaxed performance under the auspices of the Autism Treatment and Research Center. "Stork Gift" - a special performance from Lithuania, inspired by the old legend that tells the story of how the storks bring children into the world. Object theater accompanied by live music. "Tailor Made", which recently won the prize for the best performance at an important puppet theater festival in Europe and more.

Another special production for the festival: "Wild Puppets" - three hilarious performances using different object and puppet theater technique. One of the shows are by the Belgian "TOF Theater", one of the world’s leading theaters, a short, brilliant work in which a puppet under construction decides to take a stab at finishing up the job by itself…

Shows for adults: "Freeze" a fascinating show by the Dutch artist, Nick Steur. A charged meeting between the power of the artist, the strength of the rock and the presence of the audience.

Object theater for adults with creator and artist Ariel Doron, with two performances at the festival "Boxed" and "Plastic Heroes".

"Tavas" by the artist Benyamin Yom-Tov, inspired by strong, archetypal characters who exist in the artist’s inner and outer worlds. "Silvery" by the artists Hila Flashkes and Maayan Resnick - A performance with puppet theater, object theater and furniture.

"Cheap Plastic Toy" by the artist Gal Levinson - performance theater with colorful and cheap toys.

The well-known television puppet designer Maria Gurevich and the esteemed director Masha Nemirovskey will be at the festival for an unusual meeting "The Masters" - two creators, different materials and one grand piano.

In addition, during the festival there will be professional artist meetings and a meeting with guests from the international exposure program, that will take place during the festival at the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

28th Jerusalem Puppet Theater Liberty Bell Park Complex Call *3569 to order and buy tickets For more details and to download the festival program in English Ticket prices:

  • Children membership: 8 tickets for children’s shows by choice - 250 NIS for early bird tickets and 360 NIS at the festival.

  • Adult membership: 4 adult/youth shows only 200 NIS for early bird tickets and 240 NIS at the festival.

  • 10 NIS discount throughout the festival for “Jerusalemite” cardholders, students, people with physical disabilities, police officers, soldiers or retirees.

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