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  • Talma Gotteiner

A Cinematic Occasion: The Etruscan Smile

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you some information about a special film screening that I attended at Cinematheque Tel-Aviv. It's based on an Italian book, takes place in Scotland and the USA, was directed by two Israeli directors and speaks to all. Mihal Brezis and Oded Binnun are known for their American Academy Award nomination for their film "Aya" in 2014.

Lead actor Brian Cox, known in Israel from his recent participation in the film "The Carer" by János Edelényi attended the event in Tel-Aviv.

A Cinematic Occasion: The Etruscan Smile

Clockwise from top left: With Brian Cox, Directors Mihal Brezis and Oded Binnun, Ronit Gilad Herman, Marketing Distributor of Nachshon Films and Brian Cox onstage.

WHEN: Starting July 4, 2019 in theaters throughout Israel

Audience Award - Naples International Film Festival Opening film - Cleveland International Film Festival Selection - Chicago International Film Festival The film that captured viewers at the Haifa Film Festival (One of the two films that brought the most audience at the festival and at the request of the audience additional screenings were added)

The Plot:

Brian Cox is Rory McNeil, an old-fashioned Scot is forced to leave his home and go to San Francisco for medical treatment. He moves to live with his son whom he has not seen for years and with his work-addicted daughter-in-law, and despises every moment. To his surprise, when he thinks that life no longer has anything to offer, his entire world changes through contact with his infant grandson.

The film is based on the best-selling novel by Spanish writer Jose Luis Sampadro and was produced by Arthur Cohn (winner of 6 Oscars). The story takes place in Italy, but in the script the plot is transferred to Scotland and the United States. The name refers to the famous Etruscan statues that some claim to have a mysterious smile even if it is a life after death and they express a kind of hope for a happy death.

Lanugages: English, Scottish Gaelic. Translation to Hebrew Filmed in: United States, United Kingdom. 2018, 107 minutes Distribution in Israel: Nachshon Films

The Etruscan Smile

Directors: Mihal Brezis and Oded Binnun (Known from: "Sabbath Entertainment" "Tuesday's Women" and "Lost Paradise")

Producer: Arthur Cohn (Known from: The Finzi Continis Garden, Central Station Brazil, When Boys Sing, and a series of documentary films including The Yellow Handkerchief and The Final Solution and One Day in September on the Munich Olympics disaster).

Script Writers: Michael McGowan, Michal Lali Kagan, Sarah Bellwood, Shuki Ben-Naim, Amital Stern based on the novel by José Luis Sampedro.

Cinematography: Javier Aguirresarobe

Editing: Roberto Silvi

Music: Haim Frank Ilfman


  • Rory: Brian Cox

  • Claudia: Rosanna Arquette

  • Weiss: Tim Matheson

  • Emily: Thora Birch

  • Ian: JJ Field

  • Professor: Peter Coyote

  • Frank: Treat Williams

Best, Talma

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