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  • Talma Gotteiner

A Night of Stars: Rock and Symphony

Hi there,

"A Night of Stars" is a symphonic rock show and a tribute show to the great Israeli music stars, that we all grew up listening to. The show will premiere across the country starting March 19th.

The show pays tribute to the timeless repertoire of Israeli music, including, among others, the songs of Zvika Pick, Shmulik Kraus, Itzhak Klepter, Ofra Haza, Yigal Bashan, Ahuva Ozeri, Uzi Hitman, Gabi Shoshan and more.

75 years of Israeli hits

A rock show accompanied by a symphony orchestra

Conductor: Mark Wallach

Adaptations: Anna Segal

WHEN: Starting March 19th, 2023

A Night of Stars: Rock and Symphony
Credit: Ilanit Turgeman

Performers include Ziv Rubinstein's "successors" rock group (the successors being: Yuval Lieblich, guitarist of the "Gan Hayot" band, Nir Segal drummer who played with Zvika Pick, Eldad Sumner bass player of the "Habrera Hativeet" band and Niv Hovav from the "Blues Messengers" on the keyboards), the Chamber Opera Orchestra, Hadar Lee, who starred in the X Factor Israel show, and Adel Korshov, who won the hearts of viewers when she performed as a child in "Music School". The show will take place under the direction of the legendary conductor Mark Wallach whose repertoire includes works of multiple styles - from baroque to contemporary music. He specializes in Jewish and Israeli music and creates programs, especially for festivals and international music events. The adaptations are entrusted to the international orchestrator - Anna Segal, whose orchestrations have included the opening show of the Super Bowl, the biggest sports game in the world, and operas of her creation, which these days are appearing on stages in Paris and Italy.

Ziv Rubinstein has stated "The idea behind "A Night of Stars" is a tribute to the musicians whose works form the soundtrack of our lives. I think every musician has a duty to those musicians who made him create, write and compose. We are all "a collection of influences". These are the musicians I grew up listening to at home. It is important to me to pass on excellent music to future generations and give them a respectable place."



Starting March 19th, 2023

Ticket prices: Starting from 129 NIS depending on the seating

19.3 Beit Hahayal Tel Aviv

20.3 Karmiel Theater House

27.3 Haifa Auditorium

29.3 Heichal Hatarbut Rishon Lezion

30.3 Herzliya Performing Arts Center

Tickets may be purchased through the Leaan website.



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