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A Tribute to Alain Delon

Hi there,

Eden Cinema, and its director Caroline Boneh, have decided to hold a special tribute to one of the great internationally famous French movie stars - Alain Delon.

A Tribute to Alain Delon
Credit: Stills Photographer Sergio Strizzi of the film 'The Eclipse'

WHEN: Starting July 15th, 2021 throughout the Israeli cinematheques

Caroline Boneh has selected 12 notable films from Delon's glorious career that will be screened at various cinemas around the country giving the audience another chance to get to know this wonderful and diverse actor.

The 12 films include two collaborations with great thriller director Jean-Pierre Melville, "The Red Circle" and "Dirty Money." The film "Mr. Klein" produced by Delon, which deals with the Holocaust in France, directed by Joseph Losey, the two classics of Italian directors from the beginning of his career, "Rocco and His Brothers" and "The Eclipse", and three collaborations with director Jacques Deray, including the film "The Swimming Pool "which united him and his former lover, Romy Schneider, and "Borsellino", the very successful film that brought together on screen Delon, Belmondo and more.

Delon, 85, has appeared in dozens of films over a long career. Two years ago, Delon was awarded a special prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his contribution to the world of cinema. Excited Delon said to the packed hall, that he deserves the prize first of all because he is still here and alive. But even his humor failed to hide the genuine excitement.

After a difficult childhood and service in the army, in Indochina during which he spent part of his time in prison for disorderly conduct, he sought his way in the world. After working in a few casual jobs he happened to come to the Cannes Film Festival, during which a scout of the American producer David O. Selznick caught his eye and after a screen test, he signed a contract.

Delon began learning English but after meeting with director Yves Allégret, he was persuaded to stay in France and work for the French cinema. He appeared in several roles that mostly took advantage of his attractive looks. The breaking point was in René Clément's film "Purple Noon", the original French version of "The Talented Mr. Ripley" in which Delon captured the screen. From then on, he proved to be a beautiful face and an excellent dramatic actor with comedic abilities.

His appearance in the films of the Italian directors, Visconti - in "Rocco and His Brothers" and Antonioni in "The Eclipse", revealed additional complex and sensitive aspects of Delon.

Delon has worked with some of the greatest directors in European and world cinema, such as Melville, Losey, Philippe de Broca, Jacques Deray, Georges Lautner, and more. His career includes dozens of films including dramas and art films, thrillers, adventure films, and comedies. One of his memorable characters is the character of "Zoro". He appeared alongside several French greats and world cinema celebrities. Among the names of famous actors that appeared alongside him are Jean Gabbana, Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Mireille Darc, Shirley MacLaine, Annie Girardot, and more. He also performed in the theater. In the production of the British play "Tis Pity She's a Whore", he met Romy Schneider, the Austrian actress, and began a highly publicized romance. After they broke up, they returned to collaborate on the film "The Swimming Pool", the first film in which Jane Birkin appeared in France. Alain Delon has also produced many of the films in which he has starred. He has won many awards and accolades.

Over the years, Delon has gained the status of a fashion and culture icon. Brands of watches, glasses, and clothing were named after him. His picture appears on the cover of The Smiths' album "The Queen Is Dead".

Today, after recovering from a stroke, Delon lives between Switzerland and France.



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