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  • Talma Gotteiner

Abu Gosh: "Autumn Sounds" Music Festival

Hi there,

The "Autumn Sounds" festival managed and artistically produced by the Zimbalista Music Factory association will take place during the upcoming Sukkot holiday (October 15-16, 22) at Abu Gosh.

Six open-air concerts will take place under the dome of the sky in the Notre-Dame church complex and in front of the breathtaking view of the Jerusalem mountains. The various shows combine Western classical music, Arabic classical music, vocal music, jazz and more - with the participation of leading musicians and an atmosphere of multiculturalism.

The founder and musical director of the festival is the conductor and percussionist - Chen Zimbalista.

Abu Gosh: "Autumn Sounds" Music Festival
Credit: The Moran Choir by Shlomi Perry

WHEN: October 15-16, 2022

The Zimbalista Music Factory association was founded in 2016 by conductor and percussionist Chen Zimbalista with the aim of holding educational musical activities, festivals, concerts, workshops and master classes. and promoting multiculturalism. The association brings together leading musicians and outstanding musical youth throughout the country with an emphasis on promoting shared life and multiculturalism. The association is supported by the Recanati Family Foundation and the Ministry of Culture.


Saturday, October 15

18:00 // Chamber Music at Sunset: The Gala Opening Concert

The Music Factory Orchestra performs Tchaikovsky: Memories of Florence | Bach - Violin Concerto in G minor, soloist - Guy Figer

19:30 // The Future Generation of Classical Music

The promising young musicians of the music academies perform Dvožak, Sibelius and Borodin

20:30 // Jazz at Abu Gosh

The Music Factory ensemble hosts local musicians

Sunday, October 16

18:00 // Vocal Music at Sunset

The Toscanini String Quartet and the Moran Choir perform: Pergolesi - Stabat Mater Sasha Argov: The Purple Dress, Balconies

19:30 // Jazz Abu Gosh

An open jam session led by the Music Factory ensemble

20:30 // Paris-Beirut

The Music Factory Orchestra is hostng the singer Noor Darvish: Bizet-Carmen | Fairuz-Habaytak Bisayf | Prévert - Autumn Leaves | Yusupov


During the festival there will be booths selling soft drinks, light refreshments and wine.

Additionally, those who come by car will be able to park at the festival complex and at no cost

The ticket price for each of the festival days: 120 NIS

* 50% discount for Abu Gosh residents upon presentation of a resident card

Purchase tickets here.



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