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  • Talma Gotteiner

Arkadi Duchin: Three Summer Shows

Hi there,

This article is for those of my readers who like Israeli music or who would like to get to know it. The lyrics are in Hebrew, but the music is boudaryless.

Arkadi Duchin, a wonderful Israeli singer and song-writer has geared up for the summer with three amazing performances.

The first called "Days of Love" is a piano performance together with another great Israeli singer and composer called Lea Shabat.

Arkadi Duchin has said of her "Leah Shabat, one of the most powerful artists operating in the Land of Israel, I had the right to know her 30 years ago, and from the first sound I was fascinated to the depths of my soul."

The piano performance will be based only on love songs. It's an energetic, romantic and exciting show that integrates hits from Arkadi Duchin's rich repertoire.

The show includes the greatest hits from the beginning of his career with the rock band "Friends of Natasha" as well as hits from all of his favorite solo albums with heart-touching songs, all in new arrangements.

The list includes: "Hi lo doma", "Heder Misheli", "Ohevet lo Ohevet", "Merov Ahavati", "Tembel", "Ani lo roked kesheatzuv", "Achsav Ani", "Od Negia", "Mi Ohev Otach Yoter Mimeni", "Neemar Kvar Hakol", "Itach Le'tamid" and more.

During the show Arkadi plays and sings alone on stage the great love songs.

Arkadi Duchin: Three Summer Shows

Photo Credit: Ariel Van Straten

Arkadi Duchin - "Days of Love" - ​​Special guest - Lea Shabat Hebrew WHEN: Thursday, 25 July 2019 20:00 Opening Doors - 22:00 Start of Performance WHERE: The Grey Club, 2 Ha-Kharoshet St., Yahud Monoson PRICE: Early Sale - 145 NIS, Performance Night - 155 NIS TICKETS: Zappa Hebrew Website

The second, is a special performance for Tu B'Av, the Jewish Valentine's Day.

Arkadi Duchin - "Love Songs for Tu B'Av" with Special Guest - Ofer Levi

WHEN: Wednesday, 14 Aug 2019 at 21:00 WHERE: Forum Night Club, 10 Nisim Elkayam St., Be'er Sheva PRICE: Early Sale - 89 NIS, Performance Night- 109 NIS TICKETS: Eventer Hebrew Website

The third is a grand finale with two other iconic Israeli musicians.

Arkadi Duchin -"It's All Love" with ​​Guests - Danny Sanderson and Nurit Galron

WHEN: Friday, 23 Aug 2019, 19:30 Opening Doors - 21:00 Start of performance WHERE: Zappa Amphi Shuni an Amphitheater in Binyamina-Giv'at Ada PRICE: 170 NIS, discounted price for soldiers and students presenting a certificate (limited amount): 150 NIS TICKETS: Zappa Hebrew Website

I hope you enjoy one of them.

Best, Talma

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