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  • Talma Gotteiner

ArtBNB: A Hospitable Festival in Jerusalem

Hi there!

I'm happy to share with you some information about a festival that will take place in Jerusalem between 12-20 Dec 2018.

ArtBnB Festival timeline December 9 The artists arrive December 12 Project launch event December 13-19 Workshops and master classes December 20 Grand event – wandering exhibition, presenting the products of the visit around the city center

ArtBnB is a unique residential festival inviting 20 artists from around the world to live and create art in one of three cultural centers in the heart of Jerusalem – HaMiffal, Beita, and the Muslala Terrace in the Clal Building. They will be joined by 21 Israeli artists, who will be working alongside them, accompanying and collaborating with them.

ArtBNB Jerusalem Yuma Yanagisawa

Above: Yuma Yanagisawa - Work and Photography

The work process of the artists, carried out both inside and in the public space around the centers, will be open to public view. The festival also offers a program that includes master classes, workshops, and interactive events. Some of the cultural centers will allocate space for accommodation as well as work infrastructures, and thus will become temporary guest homes for the artists from abroad.

The selected artists work in a variety of media: painting, sculpture, installation, cinema, sound, theatre, performance, photography, architecture, conceptual art, land art, interventions in the public space, and so on. The artists were chosen for the project by an artistic committee that included the directors of the host cultural centers, and the project managers.

ArtBNB Jerusalem, Michael Beitz

Above: Michael Beitz - Work and Photography

Participating artists from abroad Anne Albagli (San Francisco) | Michael Beitz (Boulder) | Francisco Baccaro (Lisbon) | Monika Drożyńska (Krakow) | Roman Ermakov (Moscow) | Marina Fridman (Grande Prairie) | Lola Gaynutdinova (Kharkov) | Amirabbas Gudarzi (Vienna) | Yasmin Gur (New York) | Anan Adnan Hamdan (Wallaje) | Joaquín Jara (Barcelona) | Katja Jug (Zurich) | Ronnie Kommené (London) | Chebet Lesan (Nairobi) | Eileen Levinson (Los Angeles) | Lieke van der Made (Amsterdam) | Lenore Mizrachi (New York) | Sascha Roesler (Zurich) | Octavi Serra (Girona) | Yuma Yanagisawa (Kanata)

ArtBNB Jerusalem, Eileen Levinson

Above: Eileen Levinson - Work and Photography

Local artists Noa Arad Yairi | Hadas Golan | Tomas Goldsmit | Gilad Grinberg | Daniel Nahmias | Ola Savchuk | Paul Taylor | Nir Artzi | Shem Barel | Hana Ben Haim Yulzeri | Yifat Shtainmetz Hirst | Amit Trainin | Anan Adnan Hamdan | Einat Amir | Galia Armeland | Dorian Levin | Daria Lior- Shoshani | Hadas Ofrat | Matan Pinkas | Tami Zeri

About the Host Venues HaMiffal A 140-year-old estate lay abandoned and neglected, until a group of artists took over the building and turned it into a cultural center. Over the past two years, HaMiffal has been open and has hosted a variety of activities. The managing collective has some 50 member artists.

Muslala A complex covering some 300 square meters on the fourth floor of the Clal Building commercial center, offering an experience of nature in the city, agriculture on the roof, creative workshops, and a meeting place for communities – all in one place.

Beita A focal point for art, society, and city, Beita is a municipal art center, operated by Jerusalem Municipality’s Department of Visual Arts, and housed in the historic Seidof building on Jaffa Road. The center provides a home for promoting and hosting artistic ventures, an active gallery for contemporary art, and a center for artistic tourism in Jerusalem. __________________________________________________________________________

The project is a collaborative venture of HaMiffal, the Youth Authority in Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and Eden __________________________________________________________________________ Host Venues: HaMiffal Artistic management: Itamar Hammerman, Kobi Wagman / General management: Netta Meisels

Muslala Artistic and general management: Matan Israeli

Beita Artistic management: Avital Naor Wexler / General management: Ofira Levanon

Artistic management Gili Levy, Tal Herada (HaMiffal)

Youth Authority Shlomo Levy, Efrat Aton

Project management Hakatze Productions – Eyal Levit, Elisheva Ben-Tal

I hope you enjoy the live experience.

Best, Talma

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