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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Hi there,

Note: The show has been canceled. Tickets are being refunded.

BALLET FOR LIFE - The glittering event of the year is coming to Israel for one performance at the Menorah Mivtahim Arena! Béjart Ballet Lausanne - one of the most important and outstanding ballet companies in the world amazes with virtuoso performances and brings to the stage the spirit and vibe of Freddie Mercury, the original music of 'Queen', the works of Mozart and the spectacular costumes created by the legendary design genius Gianni Versace.

The Menorah Mivtahim Arena will be specially adapted for this heavenly performance of over 80 participants, a huge and unique stage, unique décor and lighting and projection systems, obliging the producers of the show in Israel to limit the number of spectators in the arena.

Choreographer: Maurice Béjart

Music: Freddie Mercury and Queen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Outfits: Gianni Versace


November 13, 2022

Menorah Mivtahim Arena

Credit: François Paolini

BALLET FOR LIFE celebrates the lives, work and talent of legendary performers Freddie Mercury, the former principal dancer of Maurice Béjart's Ballet, Jorge Donn and fashion designer Gianni Versace.

BALLET FOR LIFE is a love affair with the music of 'Queen'. Inventions, violence, humanity, love, hope, youth is all there..

BALLET FOR LIFE was created after choreographer Maurice Béjart, founder and director of the Béjart Lausanne Ballet Company, contacted 'Queen' after seeing the album cover of Freddie Mercury's posthumous album 'Made In Heaven'. Bejart, who died in 2007, said he wanted to create a ballet to celebrate the life of Freddie Mercury.

"It's really a love story. I'm in love with Queen's music. Freddie Mercury died one year before my lead dancer Jorge Donn died in similar circumstances and something came together," Béjart said in an interview that is part of a documentary about Ballet for Life.



November 13, 2022

Menorah Mivtahim Arena

Ticket prices: from 249NIS

Ticket purchasing here.



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