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Bank Hapoalim: "Memories in the Living Room" 2022

Hi there,

The "Memories in the Living Room" project (in Hebrew "Zikaron BaSalon") has become an important and significant Israeli tradition, to mark the Holocaust Remembrance and Heroism Day through intimate meetings with the survivors and their families.

Today the public still has the rare privilege to meet with and embrace the last survivors living in the country on a meaningful evening by listening to their testimonies. In the hope that you can attend or perhaps be inspired to organize a similar event in English, I am sharing it with you.

Credit: Shosh Trister's family and Bank Hapoalim
Bank Hapoalim: "Memories in the Living Room" 2022

WHEN & WHERE: The meetings will take place in six major cities throughout the country: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Kiryat Bialik, Beer Sheva, Ramat-Gan and Hadera. All events will take place on Tuesday, April 26, 2002, from 19:00 to 21:00.


The main branch, 50 Sderot St., Tel Aviv

A meeting with Shosh Trister, was born in 1936 in Poland in the city of Khodorov. When the war broke out Shosh was a little girl. Shosh traveled with her parents and siblings to visit a family in the city of Habov, where the Holocaust caught her. With the memories from the ghetto, the aktions and the hiding place in the "grave" dug under the barn, she copes by sharing her life story with future generations. Shosh will present a small part of the collection of works of art she painted, documenting her impressions from that dark period during the Holocaust. She used to work at Bank Hapoalim, and her son now works at the bank. She shares excitedly: "What I tell is just a few of the horrible things I went through. We survived in an impossible way and a few months after the war we stood on our feet, but inside everything hurts and is sick, and it is like that to this day. My way of dealing with memories is to pass them on, through lectures to the young and to tell not only about these atrocities, but about hope, about the choice in life." In order to preserve the memory, Shosh paints the Holocaust, and at the same time, paints the hope for a better life.

Ramat Gan branch, 32 Bialik St.

A meeting with Varda Midar who will tell the story of her mother, Yona Tauba nee Schulkelper. It's a story about creativity, resourcefulness, daring, courage.

Hadera Branch, 85 Herbert Samuel St.

A meeting with Sefi Bar Niv, who will tell the incredible story of her mother, the late Yaffa Kleinerman, who died in September 2020. A survivor from Poland from the town of Zolkowka thanks to help from a Polish family and especially a lot of resourcefulness and intuition. At the end of the war, Yaffa arrived at "Beit Salvino" in Italy, where she stayed for almost a year, arriving on the ship Katriel. Yaffa was among those transferred to Cyprus, finally arriving at Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon where her story continued with the Palmach.

The Kryon branch, 192 Derech Acre St., Kiryat Bialik

Erez Wieder testifies to his father Yerachmiel (Mulik) Wieder, who fled the Nazis as a child (age 5 and a half), was abandoned in the Ukraine and managed to find his way to refugee camps in the Ukraine and from there immigrated to Israel.

Jerusalem Branch, 16 King George St.

Eric Wurzburger, second-third generation. He will tell about his mother's family that fled Germany to France before Kristallnacht. His grandfather was in the French underground, forged documents and thus saved hundreds of Jews, until the Germans arrested him, sent him to Auschwitz. He jumped off the train and was rescued by a French farmer who was awarded the honorary title "Righteous Among the Nations".

Beer Sheva branch, 40 Ha'atzmaut St.

Nurit Biran, second generation, daughter of two parents who survived the extermination camps. Through the life of her mother, she will talk about the personal-private meaning of a person who experienced the Holocaust. The daily expression of life in the shadow of the Nazi regime, deportation to camps, life in an extermination and liberation camp.


Through the "Memories in the Living Room" website.

The meeting will take place in an accessible place.

To remember and never to forget!


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