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Bat Yam: A Preview of Kelims March Hare Dance Festival

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

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Starting tonight, March 16, 2020, a refund will be given to anyone who has already purchased tickets. This will be done automatically through the ticket system.

The March 2020 Hare Dance Festival at the Kelim Center in Bat Yam will be presenting works by international choreographers, dance creators, professional dancers alongside special performances by people with disabilities and teens.

The fascinating creations presented this year as part of the festival highlight the importance of dance as a tool for expression, for connecting people and for community creation. Dancers with visual impairments will perform in a show that will be made accessible to the first blind audience in Israel. Various projects with Bat Yam youth will also be presented.

Throughout the festival, the audience will be invited to take an active part in various movement and warmup workshops with leading production and performing artists and become part of the experience.

The festival will also feature photographer Yair Meyuchas's unique exhibition "Stop for a Moment" curated by Ronit Reik.

WHEN: 24-29 March 2020 in Bat Yam


Bat Yam: A Preview of Kelim's March Hare Dance Festival

Among the creators of the festival:

Ofir Yudilevitch, Stav Marin, Merav Dagan, Uri Shapir, Maayan Marciano, Adi Shildan, Michal Samama, Hagar Tenenbaum, Shiri Sabah Teicher, Orly Almi, Nir Vidan and many others.

Artistic Directors:

Anat Danieli and Yair Vardi

During the preview event, Anat Danieli and Yair Vardi, the festival's artistic directors explained that this year the festival is focused on how dance and body work allows us to open new, sometimes nonverbal spaces, and whether artwork and choreography in particular can be used as a practical tool. The festival expands on this theme by integrating performances of skilled artists and dancers with works of communities that are often not at the forefront and through collaborative work broadens our perceptions of body and beauty. The festival also invites the audience to come, move and participate in engaging dance sessions.

The Kelim Center is an international and contemporary dance center and operating in Bat Yam, one of six dance centers approved by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. Kelim is unique in the Israeli dance landscape in that it serves as a creative space for both professional dancers seeking to develop their choreography and dance skills as well as non-dancer communities. It's varied programs teach choreographic practice and theory. It fosters dance in the community by working with teens, students, adults, senior citizens and people with disabilities. As part of its activities, the Kelim Center maintains a bi-annual choreography program, an artist residency program, residency and dance performances for the general public, workshops for creators, international collaborations, community and educational projects, research programs and theory in contemporary dance, and more.

Anat Danieli

Anat Danieli has created over twenty works presented in Israel and around the world: She has created three works for the Batsheva dance company, as well as works for the Anat Danieli dance company. Danieli has won the Gertrud Kraus award, 'Shades of Dance' award, the Ministry of Education's award for young creators, the Ministry of Science and Sport creative award and the Rosenblum Prize for Theater Arts award from the Tel Aviv Municipality. After a five year break, she established the Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam in 2009 with Tal Gravinsky, and currently serves as its artistic director. In 2012 at she returned to perform in her choreographed works.

Yair Vardi

Performer, lecturer, curator, dramaturg and lighting designer. He has a bachelor's degree in theater, performance and choreography from the Dartington College of Art, UK and holds a master's degree in choreography from UDK Berlin. In 2005 he initiated the "A-genre" festival at the Tmuna Theater and served as its curator between 2005-2017. As a dramaturge and art consultant, he accompanied several artists and projects: Noa Dar, Natalie Zuckerman, Marina Baltov, Yoram Carmi, Naama Tzabar and more. He is a member of the Asian Dramaturgs' Network since 2016. His works have been exhibited at the Tmuna Theater, the Acre Festival, the 'Taluy Bamakom' festival and various festivals in Berlin, Island and the UK. He has received scholarships from the Jerusalem Foundation, the European Union and the Legacy Fund.

Currently working as co-director of the March Hare Dance Festival in Bat Yam and on an extensive community performance project in collaboration with the Ruth Kenner Theater Group. Lecturer at the Bezalel Art Department, Mussarra Advanced Studies Program, Kelim Bat Yam's Choreography Program and as a visiting lecturer at the 'Tarbut' School in Afula. Serves as a dramaturg and personal mentor in the Incubator Project of the Habait Theater in Jaffa and as a lighting designer for various projects.


The festival shows are detailed on Kelim's website. My readers are can find descriptions of the shows and receive a reduced ticket price here.

Workshops at the festival are FREE and OPEN to the public:

Every day there will be an opening workshop about an hour before the shows begin. The creators, festival dancers and the audience are invited to move together and warm up before the shows. The warmup is suitable for all levels and ages.

Address and Directions:

Kelim Center for Choreography

2 Yitzhak Nafha St. (The Corner of Komemiyut St.), Bat Yam

Phone: 03-9391069

Bus lines: 1, 10, 42, 125, 140

Komemiyut Train Station


Starting tonight, March 16, 2020, a refund will be given to anyone who has already purchased tickets. This will be done automatically through the ticket system.



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